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Clarity & Transparency

Clarity & Transparency
June 09
16:30 2021

In recent months there have been several debates in the press, litigations between government agencies, Supreme Court of India versus NGOs, eminent personalities, as well as political parties involved with mudslinging on the Central Vista project, COVID dispensation and more recently 5G technology.

All of these issues and concerns are well within the basic mandate of a democracy towards its citizens. And India is still considered as one of functioning democracies in the world. The general public is not fully aware nor well informed about numerous issues, upcoming projects and works in progress. Typically, most get implemented without afelt need to provide complete, detailed and transparent information,to engage citizens at large.

In an article published in a leading newspaper in India, Gautam Bhatia an eminent architect suggested the Indian government should integrate museums, art galleries and theatres, within the new Central Vista project. He gave examples of Washington DC, Paris and others.

There is still time for India’s central government to invite individuals such as Bhatia to seek advice and inputs on its proposed implementation so that the legacy and heritage of India continues to be showcased in the capital city’s Central Vista. For the Diaspora and foreign tourist visiting Delhi, the Central Vista symbolizes India’s past history as well as, art and cultural heritage. It would be a shame to see this magnificent Vista with only government office buildings, with no connect tothe nation’sart and culture. India’swealth is its art and cultural heritage, which should be showcased not only to its citizens but also to the world. PILs filed to stop the project have been quashed both in the High Court and Supreme Court.

A recent PIL filed in Supreme Court of India by prominent actress Juhi Chawla, against implementation of 5G Technology is a classic example of misusing the freedom of democracy. I am glad the Supreme Court quashed not only her PIL butalso fined her Rupees 20 lakhs (USD 27,000) for filing a frivolous PIL.

India has missed several advancements in technology in the past and must be very diligent on such issues. It is encouraging to see that India’s Supreme Court remains balanced. The public at large must be kept continuously informed and educated on such issues.

On the origin of COVID-19, several fronts have opened up lately. President Joe Biden has already taken initiative and asked his intelligence agencies to file a report within 90-days. A scientist couple from India, Dr Monali Rahalkar & Dr Rahul Bahulikar has also joined the group, as they were already independently researching the origin of the virus (COVID-19) over the Internet since March 2020 and published some of their findings. During their research an unidentified person, named ‚ÄúThe Seeker‚ÄĚ has come forward and voluntarily offered them leads via email without revealing his/her identity or location.

Let’s hope some leads are obtained from all these combined efforts. Left to China alone, the world might never get to know the truth behind the origin of the Coronavirus.



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