Community mourns Budhisgar Sukhadia



CHICAGO: Members of the Indian community at mini India town on Devon avenue have grieved the death of Budhisagar Sukhadia, a very popular figure across Chicagoland not only because of the variety of freshly made sweets and Chavanus served by Sukhadias but more so for his amiable and helpful nature.

Budhisagar passed away at the ripe age of 84 at his son’s home in New Jersey, fighting cancer for the past one and half decades. He came to Chicago with his son Jayant Sukhadia in mid eighties after their successful debut in East Coast with a facility in New Jersey. It did not take long for Sukhadias to dig in their presence in Chicago, quickly branched out to Schaumburg, a northwest suburb gaining reputation as the second India town.

Budhisgar and Sukhadias’ success in the teeth of competition has been largely because of their quality consciousness. They have their own manufacturing facility and may consider further expansion, according to Jayant Sukhadia who gets big help from his wife Dinaben and brother Pyush Sukhadia
Budhisagar valiantly fought for 15 years the lung cancer and finally succumbed to it on Thursday May 19.

His cremation was done at Franklin Park NJ in the presence of a number of family members, friends, relatives and well wishers. Two prominent artists from Ahmedabad came on their own to NJ for Bhajan Sandhya.

A prayer meeting was held here at Jayant Sukhadia’s residence in Lincoln wood on Thursday May 26. It was attended by a good number of Indian businessmen and relatives.

Budhisagar is survived by his three sons Hiten, Piyush and Jayant Sukhadia and a large number of grand children.

Ramesh S