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Cricket Betting’s Possible Big Rival in India

Cricket Betting’s Possible Big Rival in India
November 30
11:06 2019

India has always been at the list of the countries that gamble the most. When it comes to gambling, it’s safe to say that the most popular way that Indians do this is through wagering on sports. In particular, cricket betting is what’s most popular in the country.

Cricket is simply the most popular sport in India and it just makes sense that the people of India are into cricket betting too. According to the Betting Adda, a UK-based betting site, it gets 5000 registrations and around 500,000 visitors every time India plays against teams like Pakistan and Australia.

There are many reasons why Indians also wager on cricket aside from simply following the sport. It’s simply appealing to earn money from watching your favorite sport. It’s also a great way for them to support their favorite teams.

Cricket betting and just the sport itself is really easy to understand. In fact, just the sport itself is played by many of the Indian locals. Numerous cricket sports clinics are located all over the country. Children are also typically seen playing this on the streets.

Their love for this sport makes the country very knowledgeable about it and it is why cricket betting is just really simple for them. The fact that they can now place their bets online or through their phones and other mobile devices also help. Many Indians now prefer to gamble online as there really is no law that prohibits the locals from doing this. There is no particular law that makes any form of online gambling illegal in this country.

However, to be safe, most Indians who gamble would still rather place their bets on offshore-based online casinos. With that, they are less likely to encounter problems regarding the local laws.

For years, most of India is fixated with cricket betting. This remained the same when betting was made available online. However, since online gambling seems to still be untouched by India’s law, more and more online casinos are beginning to accept bets from the people of India. With this, it’s possible that online casinos will eventually take India by storm. In fact, many see that online casinos will be the biggest rival of cricket betting in India a few years from now. However, is it really possible?

The direct answer is yes. There are multiple factors that could help the online casino industry thrive in India. First is how technology is aiding it. Mobile technology and the internet are both helping online casinos gain more followers. This is not only in India but pretty much all over the world.

Mobile devices are becoming more available and affordable. More mobile users just mean more potential online casino players. It also helps that casino games are now modernized. Casino software developers ensure that even the popular Indian card game AndarBahar is made modern and more appealing.

Other games like Teen Patti are also made available online and are given a modern look. This is basically the start of transitioning Indians to the western-style casino games. When Indians become more accustomed to this, online casinos may just really dominate the local gambling scene.

Since there are no laws that prohibit offshore operators from accepting bets in India, the locals now have a vast option of casino games. The thing about cricket betting is that it only happens when there are matches. Playing online casino games, on the other hand, allows them to have the thrill of gambling any time of the day, month, and year. Many casinos are also offering promos and bonuses that just make playing casino games hard to resist.

Currently, Live Casinos are what the locals are thoroughly enjoying. This just makes sense as the live casino is also seen as the future of online gambling. The gambling experience is made more exciting and thrilling through this. It also makes online casino gaming more social. Another factor that helps the online casino industry penetrate this country as well as the fact that more and more online casinos are now accepting Rupees for payment. This enables local players to avoid unwanted conversion fees. The betting process is just made easier with this.

Now, despite the fact that the Indian government still doesn’t have a law that protects its locals from online gambling, it is still generally safe for Indians to do this. This industry is still in its infancy in India but the trend of its popularity is just going upward.

The bottom line is that online casino gaming is still not as popular as cricket betting. However, it’s not impossible that this will be as popular as cricket betting. What’s more real is that the online casino industry-beating cricket betting still seems impossible at the moment.



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