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Day 2 in the Journey of Self-improvement with Ayush Kumra

Day 2 in the Journey of Self-improvement with Ayush Kumra
May 07
16:13 2020

Hello again to everyone! If you are reading this, then you already have made an achievement in terms of self-improvement as you came all the way here to learn and explore about the journey of self-improvement again. I am happy to see that my previous article did create a positive impact on you and brought out the feeling of self-care towards your own self.

This is what staying fit is truly about as a healthy mind always leads to a healthy body. The brain is like the core of your body and if it is filled up of positive energy, then it would radiate the same throughout your entire body.

Well, now that we are on this journey together, let’s start with our second step now. Today we will be covering the most common problem of everyone that is the issue of Lower belly fat. This is something that most of us face at some point in our lives.

Few manage to come out of it and hats off to them for their self-dedication and will power but most of them are not able to get rid of this upsetting problem. I am not saying they don’t try to get rid of it but after some point of time, if they are not able to see the results, they tend to lose that hope resulting in accepting the change within their bodies, which they themselves don’t like. It’s just human nature that if you don’t see the progress, you should just stop investing all of your time in it.

However, I feel that this is not always the right approach to go with. Sometimes you just have to keep on doing things and expect less no matter how much effort you have put into it. It is only then when you expect less, you get even more. The problem is not with their body but a very simple one, which is of lack of positive energy that I mentioned earlier in the article. If you don’t have any positive energy left in your brain then you won’t be getting what you desire.

In order to fill this gap, I have already decided to help everyone with everything that I have got. My knowledge and real-life experiences would make sure that firstly we refill the lost positive energy and then utilize it in the way that we always wanted to. If you wonder why I would be doing so? Then the answer is pretty simple, It’s just that I have this dream of influencing people towards fitness with a goal of self-improvement in every aspect and this is something which helps me increase the positive energy within my own self. So, as I always say we grow together through this process and we would improvise together in it.

You can go through my 15 Days 15 Ways free program, which would be guiding you towards the goal of achieving your desired fitness goals, especially during this lockdown period. I have made sure that I explain and demonstrate the exercises along with their correct posture, a diet that is necessary for your goal, health tips that have to be taken into consideration and much more stuff. You can check out the videos and decide for yourself. I hope you don’t take your step backward instead take the right step ahead which you did in the starting itself after reading the title of this article. Till then stay motivated and stay fit!



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