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Dinner reception in support of Raja

September 06
22:06 2016
Raja Krishnamoorthy with hosts

Raja Krishnamoorthy with hosts

CHICAGO: A group of Indian and American physicians headed by a doctor couple, Dr Anuja Gupta and Dr Gaurav Gupta hosted a small dinner reception in Frankfort to express their support to Raja Krishnamoorty who is a Democratic nominee for 8th Congressional District in Illinois.

It was relatively speaking a well attended event and it helped the Congressional candidate to raise funds for his campaign. Raja by all accounts is ahead of his Republican rival with endorsements from major Chicago newspapers

The host Dr Anuja Gupta welcomed the guests and introduced Raja to them. In his talk Raja said that he stands for middle class and that Medicare as well as Social Security programs are dear to him.

A lifelong progressive, Raja is running for Congress to stand up for middle class families and fight against attempts by House Republicans to cut Social Security and Medicare that are benefits his parents and millions of other Americans rely on.

Raja said, “Social Security and Medicare are the backbone for the American middle class and many parents, including many dear and near ones, rely on them. So these issues are personal to me. These programs are sacred promises that we have made to our senior citizens, and I will fight in Congress to protect and help secure them for future generations.”

Dr Gaurav Gupta proposed a vote of thanks to Raja and guests who helped in making the event a success
Raja is a businessman who currently serves as the president of Sivananthan Labs, a small business based in the Chicago area. He also heads InSPIRE, a charity dedicated to mobilizing veterans and students to get involved in the solar industry.

After serving as Barack Obama’s policy director in his successful US Senate campaign, Raja was appointed member of the board of the Illinois Housing Development Authority. He then became a founding prosecutor for Illinois Attorney General’s anti-corruption unit. Subsequently, Raja served as Illinois Deputy Treasurer and as Vice-Chair of the Illinois Innovation Council.

In his 2016 campaign, Raja’s highly-specific legislative agenda and his strong focus on policies for working families led to endorsements by all three major Chicago-area newspapers: the Daily Herald, Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune.

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