Dorothy Brown honors Asian-Americans

Awardees with Dorothy Brown at the celebration of Asian American Heritage Month in Chicago Downtown

Awardees with Dorothy Brown at the celebration of Asian American Heritage Month in Chicago Downtown

Chicago: The Clerk of the City Court Cook County Dorothy Brown has been among the foremost leaders in Illinois to recognize the contribution made by Asian American Community and this time celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage month she recognized a group of prominent Asian Americans, including many an Indians.

The event held on May 11 in Chicago Downtown was co hosted by Asian Employees Social club and it recognized among others, leading businessman Mafat Matl, Schaumburg Township Trustee Nimesh Jani, two leading medical professionals Dr Firdaus Jaffrey and Dr Sonal Patel, Radio host Shweta Singh and community worker Parimatl Patel.

Mafat Patel is often described as uncrowned king of India Town on Devon Avenue while Nimesh Jani and Dr Jaffrey have been actively associated with community affairs. Dr Sonal Patel has been associated with BAPS and Indian American Medical Association Charitable Org. Besides, recognitions were given to Hemant Chaudhary and Jasmine Hernandez. Special Tribute was offered to Judge Luaura Lui who passed away a month ago.

Special Guest was Raja Krishnamoorthy, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 8th District. He is the President of Sivananthan Laboratories, a small business that develops and sell products in national security and renewable energy. He is also co-founder of InSPIRE, a non-profit organization that trains Illinois students and veterans in solar technology.

The Indonesian Consulate General had ‘Sobrak’ dance presented with artists Realiska Hayati and Tri Kumara Siddhi

The event started with greetings from Pinal Patel and welcome address by Beena Patel. Dorothy Brown had graced the event with her opening remarks and presented Awards to all the recipients. She ended her remarks with thanks to all participants.

Surendra Ullal