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Education of a Forex Trader in 2021

Education of a Forex Trader in 2021
February 23
14:24 2021

Forex trading is a lucrative field for people with a strong analytical mindset. The global currency market is now accessible to anyone. All you need is a brokerage account, the right software, and the necessary knowledge. Here is how to build it.

Reliable brokers inform clients of the fundamentals and risks of Forex. With an olymp demo account, you can see how their software works for free. Any credible broker will insist you open a demo account before funding a real one. But why?

Risks vs. Profits

The global market is not fully predictable. Trends may continue or reverse at any moment. Traders need to be mentally agile and act quickly. Fortunately, there is no shortage of information.

Individuals have traded currencies online since the 1990s. Over the decades, this community has accumulated a gigantic volume of information. Google the term, and you will see articles, books, and other resources dedicated to the subject.

1.  Educational Content Online

Brokers do not only register accounts. They serve as the primary source of information for traders. These companies share a wealth of content online: articles, webinars, video tutorials, guides, etc. You may find overviews of the most popular strategies on their websites.

Forex is exploited by bloggers and YouTubers. The biggest video sharing site features dozens of channels about currency trades. Some of them, such as Warrior Trading, are hosted by distinguished experts.

Remember to analyse the information critically. Check the background of the speaker before taking their words seriously. These days, too many amateurs pose as experts on the internet.

2.  Demo Trading

On average, beginners spend around 3 months trading in the demo mode. It is tempting to accelerate the process. But is it really worth it, considering the possible outcome? Live trading may overwhelm you, causing expensive missteps. In the simulator, you can build the necessary habits, so you are not distracted by technicalities like searching for the right feature.

3.  Learning About Psychology

Forex is not only about the mastery of strategic systems. Traders should also be self-aware. Working with real money elicits strong feelings. Sadly, few people consider psychology essential in finance. All too often, traders lose deposits because of decisions made out of panic, greed, or excitement. The idea is not to eliminate emotions. A trader needs to understand when they should stop.

4.  Performance Review

Keep a journal and note down details of every trade. Sounds tedious? You will be surprised by how effective journaling is. It is easy to review performance, so you can see what strategies work best. Consider the volatility and liquidity of your instrument, the price at entry and exit, and motivation for the trade. This will also help you trade mindfully.

How to Start

Traders cannot succeed without preparation, and learning never stops. Open a demo, explore popular strategies and apply them to simulated trades. Analyse your own decision-making. Never jump into the live market headlong. Begin with a modest investment, and let profits grow along with your expertise.



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