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Elephant Vs. Dragon

Elephant Vs. Dragon
July 01
11:51 2020

Aditya Satsangi

India has often been compared to Elephants while China is often compared to Dragons. When we compare the two animals, Elephants are real or Sattology, it’s strength is measurable and comparable in our human experience. Dragon on the other hand is an imaginary icon from ancient Chinese mythology.

First of all the ignominious defeat of Indian armed forces in 1962 was already avenged in 1967. Nehru’s lack of strategy was responsible for India’s defeat in 1962. And later in 1987 and 2017 also Indian Armed Forces proved their superiority in their warfighting abilities against the Chinese.

In the recent 2020 Galwan valley incident also 20 Indian soldiers gave a bloody lesson to almost 108 Chinese. With that being said, India must be proud of their military training and their fearless culture of fighting. In any war, it is a soldier behind the weapon that counts. In that regard, Indians definitely have an upper hand.

China’s insensitive response to the global pandemic has been globally recorded by most countries of the world. Their global PR machinery has managed to help them sail through the international condemnation with a shameless face.

Their hold on the WHO and UN has been severely weakened and their credibility will further erode once all countries recover from this pandemic. To put it mildly, the next couple of years will see a lot of global diplomatic condemnation coming to the Chinese Communist Party.

Elephant-VS-DragonThe world is recognizing that CCP is an occupying force on Chinese. Just recently the US lawmakers have begun to realize the faults of recognizing Chinese occupation of Tibet and their claims over Taiwan and the South China Sea. The diplomatic arrogance of CCP and their false sense of invincibility led them to occupy Indian military outposts.

Where does this arrogance come from? CCP has been making propaganda videos of Chinese military prowess to their people in order to create fake patriotism and also to prove to Chinese that they are the legitimate rulers of Chinese people.

The glorification of Chinese missiles and plagiarized planes has already labeled them as the top copycat nation of the world. Needless to say, their externally similar-looking drones and planes have proved to be flying skeletons of comparable western or Russian models.

Their JF17 is a slightly upgraded Mig21 almost akin to Indian Mig21 Bison. Their JF16 and 11 are the plagiarized versions of SU27 and SU30 of Sukhoi imports from Russians. Are Russians happy? They haven’t even hidden the external appearance of their copies.

GJ2 Armed Drone looks like an exact copy of the American Predator drone. Their Type15 Tank is comparable to T72 and T90.

Indian Military’s multinational technical upgrades of SU30 MKI, Mirage 2000-5, Mig29 UPG, Tejas, Mig21 Bison, Rafale IN, Jaguars Sepecat, C17, IL76, Apaches, LCH gives them a definitive edge over Chinese air force in all theatres of aerial warfare. All Indian Air force machines have been well maintained and are always war-ready.

In terms of military training and endurance of soldiers, Indian soldiers have proved their mettle right from World War II. The rifles and artillery of India seem to be vastly superior to anything Chinese. Their licensed production of Bofors Guns and other artillery has been world-class.

The areas where the Chinese Military seems to have an edge is the significant military-industrial base that they have created to locally manufacture their plagiarized weapons.

While India has depended on obtaining legal licenses to build western and Russian weapon systems, the political corruption of Indian political parties have denied them a robust local military-industrial complex until 2014.

Post-2014, their central government has embarked on a massive military capability building in all aspects of military preparedness.

The biggest weakness of the Indian Military-Industrial complex is in the areas of ammunition production for their imported guns. Indian Ordnance Board is Asia’s second-largest to Russia. But the inherent institutional corruption has kept them low performing for years.

With the indigenization of their high caliber guns, the ammunition problems will disappear over the next couple of years. Nonetheless, Indian political leadership and Military leadership are ready for China and Pakistan.

Indian naval strength is extremely understated and often ignored by the CCP PLAN. The majority of the Indian Navy is built locally and uses Indian weapon systems. Every single weapon of Indian Navy fires with high accuracy as demonstrated in their multiple tests. In Missiles’ comparison, both India and China cover each other’s entire territory with high accuracy.

Nuclear forces also carry enough to cause each other equal damage. In case of any eventuality of war, the Indian Armed Forces have the strength to bust the myth of the Chinese Communist Party’s PLA, PLAN, and PLAF.

The major difference between the two is: CCP owns PLA, PLAN, and PLAF, while Indian Democracy owns the Indian Armed Forces. The clash is between the Chinese Communist Party and The Republic of India.

Elephant is a Sattology while Dragon is a Mythology.



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