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Entering the Stock Market: Learn How to Open a Demat Account in 5 Simple Steps

Entering the Stock Market: Learn How to Open a Demat Account in 5 Simple Steps
August 10
09:52 2020

If you want to try and grow your wealth by investing in the stock market you are going to need a Demat account, as this will provide you with the facility to hold various financial securities in electronic form.

Once you open a Demat account you will be able to trade a variety of different financial securities and funds with ease and there are definite advantages attached to being able to see and trade all of your investments in one place.

Here is a look at the simple steps to follow when you decide to open a Demat account.

Decide which account is right for you

The first key step is to ensure that you apply to open a Demat account that is relevant to your residential status as an investor. The vast majority apply for a regular Demat account which is for investors who are officially resident in India. Other Demat options exist if you are a non-resident Indian national and you should check your eligibility if you are not based in the country as you may have to apply for a repatriable or non-repatriable Demat account.

Choosing an agent

The next step involves selecting a depository participant who acts as your intermediary between the depository and you, the investor. Make sure you compare the various benefits and services attached to each depositary participant so that you find the one that most aligns with your requirements.

Making your application

As you would expect, you will be asked to supply supporting documentation and information to support your application for a Demat account. Expect to be asked for proof of identity and address along with your bank details and PAN card information.

Verifying your details

It is important that your eligibility is confirmed and verified when applying for a Demat account and you should expect to be charged a fee associated with your depositary participant carrying out in-person checks.

The fee is not standardized and you may discover that it will vary depending on who you make your application to for a Demat account. It might also save time and money if you make your application online and fill in the forms in digital form.

Almost there

Final approval of your Demat account will be confirmed after your supporting documents have been verified.

At this point, you will be issued with a unique identification number that should be used when using the account. You may also want to open a trading account at the same time as this will enable you to trade stocks once your account has been registered with the stock exchange.

Buying and selling shares should be easy enough once you have your Demat account facilities up and running, all you have to do at that point is try and make the right investment decisions so that you can generate a profit and see a positive return.

Entering the stock market involves having a Demat account and now you know how the application process works, what are you waiting for?



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