Fremont Temple appoints new head priest

webFREMONT, CA: Over the years, Fremont Hindu Temple has been expanding its services and reach to the devotees. There has been an increasing number of prayer services, personal support to devotees in supporting their religious needs. In order to streamline temple pujas, and ensure ample coverage, Pandit Viswaprasad Kristipati was appointed as head priest to facilitate various Puja offerings.

To celebrate the occasion, Dr. Romesh Japra, Chairman and Founding member, temple trustees; Rajesh Verma, Manorama Joshi, Deepak Chhabra, priests; Kalyan Sharma, Kumar Swami, Ravikant; devotees were there at the Fremont Hindu Temple and offered their tributes.

Ritu Maheshwar
India Post News Service

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