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Fusion of Far East cuisines at Bamboo Garden

July 05
21:48 2016

IMG_8756-webSAN JOSE, CA: A restaurant that evolved from an Indo-Chinese focus to a pan-Asian menu has joined Silicon Valley’s tech hub. Inchin’s Bamboo Garden opened the doors for its first media dinner service on June 30 and to the public on July 1, at River Oaks Place.

The eatery’s name is a combination of the words “Indian” and “Chinese.” This truly describes the cuisine which includes Shangai potatoes, vegetable tulips, ginger chilli tofu, kung pao chicken, lobster butter garlic to name a few.

Inchin’s at North First St is backed by four engineers and a CPA – Yagnesh Pathak, Manoj Patil, Pinakin Sheth, Priyal Sheth and Chinmay Sheth – five longtime friends and relatives whose love of food sparked a desire for a culinary venture outside work. When they discovered the Inchin’s chain was incorporating the flavors of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand into its original Indo-Chinese menu, they decided to venture into the business.

In today’s ‘Global Cuisine’ trend ours is a fusion of many far eastern cuisines. Some of the dishes are inspired by Malaysian cooking which in turn is influenced by Indian and Chinese cooking styles. It was a natural follow through that we also introduced Thai cuisine as part of our menu in order to keep to the ‘Pan Asian” concept, says Megha Agrawal, social media director at Inchin’s Bamboo corporate.

“We are always upgrading and changing our menu, and new dishes are added every six months,” Bijesh Sur, Chief Chef said. “Our main chefs go to China, India and Thailand, and do a lot of research and collect recipes and newest techniques. Then they come back and train the staff from the various restaurants.

Bijesh travels to all the franchise and personally trains the chef. “Though part of a franchise, he said that “everything is fresh, 100% halal, sourced locally and we make everything ourselves. We make our own sauces, and noodles, vegetarian, dishes, gluten-free dishes, and we make sure the changes don’t affect the taste of the dishes.”

In general, the menu at Bamboo Garden has a large number of vegetarian options among the soups, appetizers and entrees, indicating the restaurant is looking to cater to those who don’t eat meat. They have special corporate catering package.

Inchin’s uses foolproof Feng Shui arrangement techniques, which are known to promote the positive flow of energy throughout a room. The décor included chic bamboo partitions, a stunning stacked stone façade, terracotta warriors, and touchable textures all true to the venue’s inspiration.

The ambiance didn’t come by chance, though – the owner made a point to bring back real artifacts from China to create this genuine feel.

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden opened in 2003 and now has 14 locations, and with plans to continue to expand, Megha explained. With its pleasant, accommodating chef and friendly staff, and its combination of Far Eastern flavors, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden is a welcome addition to the local restaurant scene in the bustling hi-tec North First Street.



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