HAF condemns attack on Indian chef

Suthahar Subburaj

Suthahar Subburaj

WASHINGTON DC: Leaders of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) have condemned the hate crime attack on Suthahar Subburaj, age 30, a Hindu American chef of Indian descent at Kurry Xpress in Omaha, Nebraska.

The attack occurred on July 15 outside the restaurant where Subbaraj works. One man, wearing a black sweatshirt, repeatedly punched Subburaj in the face and kicked him in the leg, while telling him, “ISIS, get out of my country.” The man then fled on foot.

A police report said an unidentified man wearing a black hoodie punched Subburaj in the face and kicked him in the leg. The man told him, “ISIS (expletive), get out of my country.”

Subburaj has been living in Omaha for about two years but doesn’t have any family in this country. He said he was punched multiple times in his forehead, face and mouth. The bone above his teeth may have been fractured. He said he hopes his attacker is punished but also is taught about different religions and races.

The police report characterized the incident as a hate crime against a religion. It did not list anyone as a suspect. The Anti-Defamation League condemned the possible hate crime in a press release “We must all stand together against bigotry, hatred and prejudice,” regional director Mary-Beth Muskin said in a statement. “We urge law enforcement to investigate this incident as a possible hate crime and hope that the perpetrator will be apprehended swiftly and brought to justice.”

“Mr Subburaj is a victim of the growing xenophobia towards people across the country of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent, citizens and recent immigrants alike,” said Jay Kansara, HAF Director of Government Relations. “Law enforcement and government authorities must work closely with local community members of all racial and religious backgrounds in order to effectively address these types of attacks while confronting the hate and ignorance that fuel them.”

The attack is now more than two weeks old and details remain sketchy, though local police are investigating.

HAF will continue monitoring the case, and will assist law enforcement and the local community in any way possible.

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