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High time to achieve your fitness goals – Ayush Kumra

High time to achieve your fitness goals – Ayush Kumra
May 06
15:24 2020

Hello along with virtual hugs to all the people out there (I hope it is evident enough that I am practicing social distancing properly). Well, today as we all know that we are facing a humongous and almost inevitable problem (at least for now) of coronavirus throughout the world. It has certainly affected us immensely and lucky are those who are staying at their home safely along with their families because a large number of people are standing out there and trying to fight this Microbial war! But what can we do in this lockdown period? In my opinion, I would suggest everyone achieve his or her fitness goals now!

It has certainly been proved that Health is important than any wealth during this critical time period and we shall not ignore this important message like we have been doing before by procrastinating from doing exercises or rather opting for a healthy lifestyle.

I know a lot of us are not able to do stay fit due to the sole reason of having no equipment at all but do you actually believe that a thing like that can stop you from doing what you actually want to? I don’t! Also, I believe that even you cannot be outdone by such a problem, which is why I have taken the initiative of helping people in such a way that we all grow together! #Wegrowtogether

This has been my motto and the reason behind my motivation towards a healthy lifestyle. I know a lot of people have tons of knowledge in their respective fields but lag a bit behind when it comes to fitness. Well, Don’t worry about that anymore because I am ready to share my knowledge and experiences in my field of specialization i.e. fitness with you guys.

I have started a program 15 Days 15 Ways on my YouTube channel that demonstrates and explains the exercises, nutrition, posture, health tips, supplementation, etc. which are to be done in order to achieve your desired fitness goals, be it about losing fat or gaining weight.

You can go through the program as I have made sure that it is gender-neutral enough and at the same time, can be followed by beginners and intermediate athletes. These exercises and tips are free of cost and any individual can reach out to me personally if he or she thinks that they need some help. In this program, we would be covering some very common problems such as lower belly fat, arm fat, back pain issues, not a non-vegetarian person, and many more.

I have tried the workouts on myself and have been able to do well certainly in this critical lockdown period. I am sure that if we take out 40 minutes from our entire day for our own body then we will be a better version of ourselves not only in terms of physical aesthetics but mental peace, positive outlook, dedication and will power.

I hope I am was able to justify the topic of this article because if we don’t value our health even now then I don’t think we are actually taking any step ahead in the process of self-improvement. We should remember that a dynamic approach always leads to progress when compared to a static one.

If you want to join the journey of self-improvement along with me then you can check out the first video of this program and decide for yourself if you want to continue ahead or not. Till then stay safe and stay fit.



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