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How Is Kumon Franchise Different From Other Franchises?

How Is Kumon Franchise Different From Other Franchises?
August 01
18:53 2022

We all know how covid pandemic has affected the whole world. It led to the shutting down of every school, university, office and all the other places as well. The pandemic and the lockdown affected people all over the world in an adverse manner. The education sector has managed to witness a major setback and transformation in recent years, especially in the last 2 years. Everything nowadays is digitalised or online- right from education to shopping, from working at home to not stepping a foot outside.

Talking about the transformation in education, it has changed from going to schools and universities to attending the classes and sessions online. Parents took advantage of this and enrolled their kids on various afterschool programs and exciting activities. During the pandemic, a number of schools started their after-school programs which included activities like music and dance, art and craft, literacy and numeracy sessions and many more. One of the best after-school programs is Kumon which helps children to improve and upgrade their literacy and numeracy skills by providing them with engaging and colourful worksheets.

Benefits Of Joining Kumon

From every after-school program, children get to learn new things which leads to the exploration of their likes and dislikes and interests as well. Every individual has different skill sets with unique and distinctive interests and passions. So what are the benefits of joining Kumon?

  1. Goes beyond the curriculum- One of the best things about the Kumon after-school program is that we go beyond the curriculum. We believe in helping kids from a very early age by maintaining the proper balance between their learnings as well as their curriculum. We make sure that children are enjoying what they are learning.
  2. Worksheets- We provide children with worksheets that are based on their age and skill set so that there is no pressure from our side. We let the children learn literacy and numeracy skills at their own pace as every individual has different learning styles and patterns. Starting this program at an early age helps kids in the long term as we set a strong foundation for them.
  3. Online classes- As the pandemic has made everything virtually available and easy, we have introduced our online sessions so that kids are not lagging. We make sure to pay undivided attention to every individual as we have a professional team of experts who are always ready to help kids. We pay attention to the completion of assignments and their daily progress report.
  4. The right age to join Kumon- There is no age bar when it comes to learning new and exciting things. We have worksheets and curricula designed for all children of every age group according to their syllabus and learning ability. You can always enrol your children starting from age 3 through high school. A perfect way to set the right base and foundation for your children.
  5. A unique and different approach- We are different from tutors, we let children learn things on their own at their own pace by giving them the opportunity and freedom to grasp things. If a student is not able to learn or grasp a specific concept, we help him/her throughout the process until they master the concept on their own.

Starting from a step-by-step approach, we help our students build a solid grasp of the subject. At Kumon, every child grows more confident and is always motivated to learn new things. Kumon is one of the leading after school programs that help children make a strong base in literacy and numeracy skills. Visit our website for more information.



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