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How Technology Is Reshaping the Casino Industry in India

How Technology Is Reshaping the Casino Industry in India
May 09
11:35 2020

Dingy saloons and faulty one-armed bandits are relics of the past. Modern gaming halls are polished, respectable venues with high-tech features. And many of them exist solely in the virtual realm. 

The online casino industry has the technology to thank for its growth. Let’s face it, without cutting-edge software, we would not be able to have most of the gadgets that we have today, let alone online casinos. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Technology will undoubtedly evolve even more, and it will affect the global industry. And India is a big market, especially for casino entertainment. That said, let’s see how technology changed the face of casino gaming in India and what else we can expect in the future. 

The Online Haven

Gambling in India is a matter of controversy. The activities that involve betting and playing games of luck are strictly prohibited – in land-based casinos. The PublicGambling Act that is in place prevents citizens from visiting, operating, and owning physical venues with gambling services. However, with the introduction of online casinos, players in India got a chance to enjoy classic casino games straight from their homes. How? Well, easy – there is no mention of online gambling in the Act. We have to understand that the Act came into effect in the 19th century, and there was no internet then. 

However, as India makes no move to change the laws, online gambling remains a grey area for players there. Even though casinos cannot receive licenses for work in India – there is no one to issue them – they still accept players. And they will continue until the country creates clear regulations that strictly control gambling activity on the internet. 

Taking Gaming Outside

In the last several years, numerous studies and statistical sources claim that mobile gaming in India is thriving. In fact, more than half of gamers in India use their mobile devices for entertainment. A massive portion of that gaming takes place in online casinos. 

Now, with better technology, India gains a chance to strengthen mobile platforms and thus boost gaming quality. If, or better yet, when that happens, Indian players will be even more encouraged to seek fun on their phones. And that makes perfect sense. 

Mobile gaming offers more accessibility, and it is easier to use. And as more and more casinos tinker with their mobile sites and apps, it’s a matter of time before it all goes mobile. 

Live Casino 

Another vital contribution to the casino industry in India is the live casino invention. It’s a modern phenomenon that is becoming the main source of fun for players around the world. Players in India especially love live dealer games because they are both online and in real-time. Simply put, the live casino is the best of both worlds. Gaming sites with such titles provide high-quality entertainment that resembles authentic brick-and-mortar casinos more than anything else before. And that is, for Indian players, something they do not want to miss. Plus, it is low-cost, as they do not have to leave their houses to get such an experience.

Moreover, thanks to technology, providers are coming up with more innovative tables every month. Extra features, eye-candy environments, and creative approaches to real-time gaming are ways in which developers push the boundaries every single day. And they will undoubtedly continue to do so.

Safety First

When you have a host of unsupervised online casinos in unregulated markets, certain risks exist. For example, no one can guarantee that those venues are legit and trustworthy. Gamers have guides and directory websites like to check the reliability of online casinos operating in India but sometimes that isn’t enough. However, technology can help with this too. 

Progressive technology, systems, and encryption ensure the safety of the players within gaming sites. Casinos that use advanced verification procedures and security measures help players feel comfortable inside. Moreover, the emergence of cryptocurrencies helped a lot too. For instance, they are safe and secure and entail little to no personal information about the users. That, in turn, protects both the users and the casino, which is why more players are turning to digital currencies every year. 

As you can see, technology is crucial for the development of the casino industry in India. There is no way to tell what lies ahead, but one thing is for sure – the future will be quite bright for gaming in India. 



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