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How to get additional storage space for mobile phones in 2022?

How to get additional storage space for mobile phones in 2022?
June 28
14:29 2022

Have you ever encountered a situation where your mobile phone can not work normally due to insufficient memory? At this time, are you eager to get a lot of additional storage space? If so, you will get the best solution by reading this article. In this article, we will provide you with many ways to free up more additional storage space on your phone.

Storage Space

As we all know, most mobile phones now have a lot of storage space. However, according to my experience of using mobile phones for a long time, the storage space of mobile phones is not enough for us to store a lot of data. The good news is that you now have many ways to get a lot of extra storage space for free, and you can make your phone run faster than before.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity for people. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. Moreover, after a period of use, a large number of pictures and videos are stored, and most people will find that the free storage space on their mobile phones is insufficient. The good news is that there are many easy ways to free up more space on your phone! So let’s start looking for high-quality cloud storage services!

Comparison of All 3 Apps for Extra Space Storage

Let’s compare all 3 cloud storage methods in a single glance:


App Price Usage
TeraBox Basic plan is free. You can buy a premium plan at $2.9/month. Cloud Storage.
CC Cleaner Free Basic Plan With Limited Features. You can buy premium for $29. Storage Cleaner.
Box Free Basic plan. Premium plans start from $15/month. Cloud Storage

Tip 1 to Free up Your Extra Space: Download TeraBox Free

To get a lot of extra storage space on the phone, downloading TeraBox application is my most recommended way. Because TeraBox allows you to use it for free, the most prominent advantage is that it allows you to permanently obtain 1TB of free storage space, whether it is used to store photos or videos. TeraBox also provides many practical functions such as large file sending and multi-device file sharing, which is one of the reasons why everyone chooses it.

Tera Box

There are plenty of advantages of using TeraBox free cloud storage like:

Pro1: The best thing about using TeraBox is that you can get 1TB of free cloud storage. That’s a whole lot of photos, videos, and files that you can store without having to worry about running out of space. And if you ever need more, you can always upgrade to their paid plan which offers even more storage.

Pro2:TeraBox comes with plenty of additional benefits. You can access your cloud file storage on multiple devices, meaning you can pick up where you left off on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can also share files with ease, and even collaborate on projects with others.

Pro3: When it comes to cloud storage, a lot of people are worried about the security of their data.  With TeraBox, you don’t have to worry about that. They use the latest security technologies to keep your data safe and secure. Your data on the cloud is encrypted and stored in multiple locations, so you can rest assured that it is always safe.

So, it is the easiest way to extend the online data storage on your phone by using cloud storage, and that too for free. So download the TeraBox app for free and start benefiting from additional storage.

Tip 2 to Free up Your Extra Storage Space: Download CC Cleaner

One of the most effective ways to clear up the space in your phone is by using storage cleaner apps. There are plenty of these on the market, but we recommend CC Cleaner. This app will clear your cache, temporary files, and other junk that’s taking up space on your phone. By using this app you can easily get extra space storage that you can use.

CCleaner Pro

Usually, this storage is consumed by junk and residual files that can go up to several GBs. So, a huge amount of storage in your phone is just consumed by waste. It is not possible to clean this extra space manually. Even if you find a way to clean these files manually it will take a lot of time so it is better to use a cleaner app like CC cleaner.

The advantage of CC cleaner is that it can not only free up more storage space, but also make your website run more smoothly. The main reason is that junk files will affect the running speed of your mobile phone. CC cleaner can effectively delete all kinds of junk files and cache files.

Some prominent features of CC Cleaner are:

Remove Cache: help remove cache files on your device to free up more space.
Clear History: help clear history data on your device for storage cleaning.
Delete Temp Files: help delete temporary files on your device to free up storage.
Clear Clipboard: The app can help clear clipboard data on your device to add space.

Tip 3 to Free up Your Extra Storage Space: Download Box

Box certainly tailors its offering for the business market, even though it does have a couple of plans for consumers too. It’s stacked with collaboration, data compliance and automations, and makes plenty of APIs available in case you need something bespoke. Certainly with one of the more expensive plans, with unlimited storage and useful tools, it’s an appealing overall package. Although box is a good way to increase the extra storage space of the mobile phone. But its storage space must be paid for.


Business plans offer unlimited storage, higher file size limits, and deeper integration with productivity tools, among other features. They all require a minimum of three users, starting with the Business plan ($20 or £16 per user, per month), moving up to the Business Plus plan ($33 or £26.50 per user, per month) and the Enterprise subscription ($47 or £37.50 per user, per month). A top-spec Enterprise Plus plan is available, though this requires Box getting to know your business needs in order to provide a quote.

Final Verdict

This article will help you free up more extra storage space for your phone. Just remember to make sure you have backed up your data before deleting files. We hope you choose TeraBox because it can give you 1TB of free storage space, which other cloud storage providers can’t give you, and it has the best sharing and protection functions, easy to manage and reliable to use. Don’t hesitate, start with your TeraBox login account and let your phone quickly have a lot of extra storage space.



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