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How to make money from home during COVID-19 times?

How to make money from home during COVID-19 times?
May 21
11:33 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit nations after nations, millions of people around the world are stuck at home. This has a big impact on their career. Some employees have changed their working patterns. Some reduced working hours. Some unlucky employees even lost their job.

No one really knows when this situation will end. The good thing is that there are things you can do to make your career life better during the COVID-19 pandemic. There ways for you to earn money without leaving your home. You only need to capitalize on your skills, use the internet, and be creative.

article-writingWrite article online 

You can learn money online for real. If you have writing skills and haven’t tried this before, this is the perfect time for you to try this field. Nowadays, there are over hundreds of websites out there that are willing to pay for your articles. Just be prepared, you will encounter a gamut of topics from gaming and parenting to business writing. The good thing here is that most of the websites give you all the freedom to choose which topic you are comfortable to write with.

Start a blog 

Blogging is surely a wonderful hobby during COVID-19 times. But do you know that you can turn this hobby into a lucrative career? You read that right. Once you finished setting up your blog website, there are many ways for you to monetize your site.  

You can start writing paid articles. You can also tap the brands to make a review of their services or products. You can also sign up for a Google AdSense account and have advertisers. As mentioned above, just you need to be creative if you want to earn money during COVID-19 times.

Teach online 

By sharing your knowledge with others, you can earn money during COVID-19 times. Thanks to different platforms like skype and zoom, you can now teach online and get paid in return. Though, this requires specialized skills.

With many schools closed during this situation, many parents would be willing to pay for an online tutor. Other students also seek help with their assignments. Furthermore, if you have a great profile to show, you can start also your online course. It can be about anything you are passionate about. There are different websites out there that can help you build and promote your online courses.

Play Poker Play Poker 

You can earn money by playing poker at home. Yes, you can do that with the introduction of online casinos. In addition to this, there are cashback and rewards you can claim to increase your chance of winning. Just be careful and choose the only legitimate sites to play. One of the best sites we can recommend is Webet. This website offers thousands of games including poker. You can sign up now to get free credit at webet. 

Take paid-surveys

Another way to make money during COVID-19 is by answering surveys. This has always been a popular source of income at home. Unlike the other ways mentioned in this article, it doesn’t require specific skills. You can even do this while you’re streaming your favorite shows.

 The amount you will receive depends on the website. Because this only needs low effort, don’t expect to receive high payment from answering surveys. Some sites pay through Paypal and other companies pay directly to your bank account.

Rent out your car

Some officials of affected areas imposed lockdown and had prohibited the operation of public transportation. You can take this opportunity and make money by renting out your cars. There are actually many websites that can help you do this.

Before you do this, you should understand that there are risks in this method. Your car can hold viruses when used by other people. Be sure to disinfect your car when returned after rental.



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