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How to remove wallpaper and how to paint after that

How to remove wallpaper and how to paint after that
December 15
15:56 2020

Stripping and scratching off layers of old backdrop can leave the walls underneath canvassed in cement. More awful, it can leave them hollowed and scarred from your endeavors to eliminate each and every smidgen of paper. Before you can cover up these injured surfaces, you should restore them to consummate perfection. Similarly, as with most completing positions, readiness is key for painting, and the nature of your paintwork relies upon the time and exertion you put into fixing and fixing.

When it comes to best paint for walls in India, there are a variety of options available in the market. There are different service providers as well which assist you in doing a hassle-free and efficient paint job. Platforms like Aapka Painter are a great choice to choose all your required services.

Let’s have a look into certain steps that you should follow for a smooth paint job after removing your wallpaper.

Remove your old wallpaper

Weaken five ounces of backdrop stripper in one gallon of water. Fill a siphon sprayer with the blend, and shower the dividers. Scratch any buildup and backdrop scraps off the dividers with a wide scrubber blade.

Clean your wall perfectly

Empty the siphon sprayer and top off it with clean water. Splash the dividers again to flush them. Wipe the surface with a wet wipe to eliminate any leftover buildup. Permit the dividers to dry for one to two days.

Sand and seal the walls

Sand the walls with a sanding block enclosed by 120-coarseness sandpaper. Apply a layer of oil-based paint to the dividers utilizing a roller. The oil-based paint goes about as a sealant to secure any oil spots, stains or water-based glue so they don’t leak through later to meddle with the paint work. Permit the paint to dry. Next, inspect the dividers for free or chipping pieces of paint. In the event that you discover any, sand them off. Repaint the zones with the oil-based paint and a paintbrush.

Make a smooth surface finish

Fill any little openings, marks or breaks in the surface with a joint compound. Apply compound to the openings with a clay blade, at that point utilize the blade to scratch off the overabundance. On the off chance that the dividers are so harmed or pitted in the wake of eliminating the backdrop that filling every individual opening with a joint compound isn’t handy, skim coat the divider all things considered.

Flimsy some joint compound until it is spreadable, and move it onto a zone of the divider with a roller. Utilize the cutting edge of a squeegee to smooth the compound and eliminate all the overabundance, so it fills the marks and leaves a flimsy film over the remainder of the divider area.

Rehash the cycle with the remainder of the divider, actually working in segments. Permit the compound to dry, and apply a second and third coat if essential. At the point when the joint compound is dry, you are prepared to paint the walls. You can choose a different variety of paints depending on the requirements. From waterproof paint for terrace to toxin-free and easy to clean paints for interiors.

Hence, these were a few things that you must keep in mind for removing your existing wallpaper and painting your walls new.



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