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How to use a Personal Loan to Manage Emergency Expenses?

How to use a Personal Loan to Manage Emergency Expenses?
May 26
14:29 2020

Life is unpredictable, and emergencies could arise without warning at any point, such as paying medical bills, unexpected business trips, wedding expenses, and many more. These situations require prompt action; thus, you must keep aside sufficient savings to fund them. However, sometimes, your savings may not be enough to finance these emergencies.

Or, you may not have enough time to arrange the cash to cover the expenses. This is where an instant personal loan becomes useful. Hassle-free documentation, quick approval, high loan amount, low-interest rates, unsecured nature, etc., are some of the features of a personal loan that makes it one of the most desirable options for the borrowers to tide through emergencies.

Various lending institutions provide personal loans to their customers via an entirely digital process. Further, due to its quick and smooth application, the borrowers can get instant loans only within a few hours.

Tips for Using a Personal Loan to Manage Emergency Expenses

Are you looking to avail an emergency personal loan? Here are a few ways to guide you on how a personal loan can assist you in covering the unexpected expenses.

1. Get Sufficient Loan Amount

You can secure a high personal loan amount to meet your urgencies. However, how much sum you can take depends on your credit report as well as personal loan eligibility. Using such ample funds, you can quickly finance your emergency expenses without much difficulty. Also, since there is no limitation on the amount you can withdraw, you can spend as much funds as you want to satisfy your financial needs. Consolidation of high-interest debts, medical bills, school fees funding, or business expenses are some common emergencies that can be covered using a personal loan.

2. A Reasonable Rate of Interest

Even in case of an emergency, you don’t have to repay a high amount of interest for your loan. This is a significant benefit of opting for a personal loan. The personal loan market is extremely competitive, which means the applicants can obtain loans at much affordable interest rates. Moreover, before you pick a loan, make sure to examine the various options available in the market to grab the best deal among them. However, do note that the interest rate you are offered will depend on your requirement, your eligibility and the lender’s policy at the time of loan application.

3. Immediate Approval Without Collateral

When you are in urgent need of cash, there can be no viable option than securing a personal loan. This is because lenders disburse the funds within hours of your loan application getting approved. And since it is an unsecured loan, you don’t need to pledge any asset as collateral or submit any documents for asset valuation with the loan provider. It saves you a lot of hassle, thanks to uncomplicated online processing, paperless documentation, and quick approval involved in taking up an instant personal loan.

4. Flexible Tenure and Easy Repayment Facility

With a personal loan, you can decide a flexible tenure from 12 months to 60 months. The period you select must suit your repayment schedule. Besides, a personal loan comes with an easy repayment facility, and it is imperative to plan a repayment schedule based on your amount, interest rate, and monthly income. This way, you can assess your monthly EMIs according to your budget. Or, you can also use a loan EMI calculator to get an idea of how much EMI you may have to pay for a given loan amount and interest rate by varying the tenure.

5. No Inflating Costs

While taking a personal loan to manage your unplanned expenses, make sure to check if there are any hidden costs that might come with the loan. Many lenders will assure you of no such fees, but you must read the fine print of your loan agreement before you sign it. It is also advisable to check the processing fees and insurance charges while applying for the loan.

6. Fast Disbursal

One of the biggest advantages of personal loans is quick disbursal. As long as you provide the necessary documents and are deemed eligible by the lender, you will get the required funds quickly.

Wrapping it up
On the whole, the above benefits can help you handle your emergency expenses with ease. So, compare the offers provided by different NBFCs to make an informed decision. 



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