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In ‘Duniya’ meaning two, there will always be conflict

In ‘Duniya’ meaning two, there will always be conflict
April 30
14:22 2019

Atmananda (Blanca of Austria)

Some secondary school girls came and asked Her (Anandamayee Ma) questions:

People say that God causes everything that happens. Why then is there evil?

Anandamayee Ma: You don’t know that. You are only repeating what you have heard. When you know who God is and who you are, then you will know. For him who knows, evil doing is impossible. Find out for yourself.

If people become indifferent to the world, how will the world continue?

AM: Just see whether it continues or not. Your job is to get established in Truth awareness; then you will know how God looks after his creatures.

God has created this world for us so why should we not enjoy it?

AM: Oh, so he has created it for you? Your father and mother have made a home for you and given whatever else you may need. Without them will you be able to enjoy any of these things? Likewise find out who it is that made the world, only then will you know how to truly enjoy it. As long as you identify with the world there can be no happiness. ‘Duniya’ (world) means ‘do’ (two). Where there are two there will be conflict and opposition. When you realize wholeness – the One without another – only then can there be true happiness. Then there is no coming and going and therefore no birth and death. If you merely strive to enjoy the world, your desire – which can never be satisfied – will make you come back again and again to birth with its inevitable suffering.

What happens after death?

AM: After death you reap the fruits of what you have sown during life. If you have studies well you get first class etc if not you fail. So it is also after death.

Is there such a thing as heaven and hell?

AM: Just as you have your own place in this world so there will be a place according to your merit after death, and then whatever remaining desire you have will bring you back to this world again. But if you leave everything to God then you will go straight to Him.

Then she said: “Do something to get near God. Some people like prayer, some like japa and some like to enquire. Who is He? Who made the world? Whatever you like best, do that. Fix a time everyday and if you have no time, then take it away from your sleep. But if you should miss one day, do double the next. Do it secretly otherwise people may laugh and dissuade you from it. But if you have courage don’t bother about others and if people laugh, laugh with them.”

Yesterday there was a discussion. A man of 74 said he wanted to go into Samadhi. She said: “Then you must be at your sadhana for 24 hours a day. Doing a little bit won’t get you there. At your age you should be doing dhyan and japa for 12 hours daily. Those over 50 should practice for 9 hours, below for 6 hours a day and those who have jobs for at least 3 hours – nothing less than that. In addition to formal sitting, meditation should be done at all times, during meals, when walking, bathing, dressing etc.”

Excerpted from ‘Death Must Die’ based on diaries of Blanca, the Austrian disciple of Anandamayee Ma. The 123rd birth anniversary of Anandamayee Ma was celebrated on April 30.



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