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Inside eSports and Mobile Expansions in India

Inside eSports and Mobile Expansions in India
August 27
15:38 2020

According to a report by, India’s gaming industry is forecast to be worth approximately $3.3 billion. In contrast, in 2019, the sector had a value of around $836 million. Although this indicates progression, it’s believed that the market’s full potential has yet to be discovered. That said, in showcasing the potential of India’s gaming industry, it’s worth looking into the recent expansions. So, let’s look at the forward-thinking developments that have enhanced the country’s gaming sector.   

Digital and In-Land Expansions 

Following the rise of digitalization, India has established itself as a top-five market within the mobile gaming sector. Regarding revenue, it’s reported by that as much as 89 percent of the country’s total gaming revenue stems from mobile titles. Interestingly, this contemporary trend has been the catalyst in attracting world-renowned eSports brands to the country. One of the first indications that competitive gaming teams were beginning to recognize the potential of the gaming market in India came when Fnatic, the most successful eSports brand of the last decade, acquired Team XSpark, an Indian-based PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team. 


Moreover, upon acquiring Team XSpark, Fnatic announced that they would be establishing their first facility in India, as per Esports Observer. While the expansion predominantly aims to provide Indian-based fans with a complete Fnatic experience, there can be no doubts that the development will also prove advantageous to India’s gaming market. Crucially, the expansion is a testament to the country’s progression, as well as being a complement to its potential. By offering local people more game-related experiences, it will likely engage a broader audience in the emerging market. 

Additionally, aside from the UK-based team, Nova Esports has also expanded into India over the last few years. Quoting Anthony Yeung, the CEO of the Hong Kong-based team, Esports Insider report that the decision was made in response to PUBG becoming a staple of Indian pop culture.   

What Does This Tell Us About the Future of India’s Gaming Industry? 

From a development standpoint, these eSports-oriented decisions illustrate the unquestionable potential that global teams are seeing in India. Moreover, with both Fnatic and Nova Esports expanding into the country because of PUBG’s widespread appeal, there’s a belief that mobile gaming will continue to dominate in India throughout the foreseeable future. Regarding user figures, as per AppAnnie data, which is available at Essence Global, in two months, India now forms 50 percent of PUBG Lite’s user base. 


Furthermore, these expansions also illustrate the country’s willingness to develop and explore diverse, up-and-coming markets. Aside from eSports and traditional mobile gaming, this is also evident regarding the online casino industry. Although it’s somewhat unexplored in the South Asian country, increasing numbers of operators are beginning to cater to Indian markets. Because of India’s rise to prominence in the gaming world, many of the listed casinos at now allow users to play with Indian Rupees. Moreover, bonus-offering sites, such as LeoVegas and Rizk, have been optimized for mobile platforms, targeting the remote gaming trends of Indian players. 

Still A Market with Untapped Potential? 

Although significant strides have been made within India to develop the country’s gaming industry, rather promisingly, there’s still scope for sustained long-term growth. Due to its undeniable mobile gaming appeal and expanding presence within the eSports world, these recent developments appear to a sign of things to come. 



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