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It is the quality of thoughts which matters

It is the quality of thoughts which matters
July 09
10:45 2020

Swami Tejomayananda

Our mind is the cause of all our problems. But the mind itself is the cause of solutions. It creates bondage, causes sorrows but it alone can resolve them. Also it is said mind is our best friend. And also the worst enemy. Mind, if you understand it, and bring it under your control, there will be no greater friend. But if it is not under control; you had it.

Our mind has four parts. One part of our mind is such that we know it. And other people also know it. Second part is I know but they don’t know. And the third is most interesting – the others know it and I don’t know. And the fourth is both don’t know.

The third part is most important, in which others know and I don’t know. And how will I know about the third part? Through their criticism. Generally when somebody criticizes us, we don’t like it. But if somebody praises me, I don’t say why are you praising me?

But really speaking, if I want to know about my mind, I should pay attention to what people are saying about me. They are showing us the mirror, you know. Just pay attention. If what they are saying is right, then why get angry? You can correct yourself. But if what they are saying is not right, then why get angry.

Thus when the three parts of the mind are illumined, that will throw light on the fourth part also which is dark. If this room is dark, but when you put some light on the threshold, some light will come here also. And the fourth part also I will come to know.

Many times when we criticize someone for something, we forget that we ourselves have that fault also. The root cause is desire.

Can we remain without thoughts? Maybe some man of meditation, some saint or master can. We cannot remain without thoughts or desire. Can we say I will not desire at all? That is not possible.

Now the only question is, you should know what to desire. And in one word, it is called divinization of thought. See great bhaktas and devotees; they also had desire. I want to see God. I want to realize God. Or I want to serve the society; I want to serve the nation. I want to serve the poor people, I want to serve the illiterate people. That is also desire. And I want more and more pleasure. That is also desire.

A moment comes when someone says; I want to kill that man. That is also desire. But notice what is the state of my mind when I say I want to kill that man. And when you say I want pleasure then what happens to the mind? And what happens to the mind when I say I want to love all.

So thoughts are not a problem. But it is the quality of thoughts which matters. The nature of your thoughts; the object of your thoughts. That makes the difference. The prayer says O Lord bless me with good thoughts so that my mind is at peace, and happy.

If I hate somebody, the greatest suffering is my own. If I love others, my mind is at peace. The more your mind is at peace the more your intellect will become clear.

Edited excerpt from the video ‘Mind: A Vehicle Through Life’. The 70th birth anniversary of Swami Tejomayananda was observed on June 30.



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