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Kejriwal refuses to accept Bhagwat Geeta

February 07
22:07 2017

geeta-webDr. Munish Raizada, convener of Chanda Bandh Satyagraha along with its volunteers went to CM residence to present Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta to Arvind Kejriwal, convener of AAP to protest fielding of 21 candidates with criminal background in just concluded Punjab assembly elections.

While only Raizada and two other volunteers were allowed to go inside the premises, the rest of the satyagrahis were forced to put down their banner and made to sit by the roadside. Although Kejriwal was available, he made Raizada and other volunteers to wait for too long and finally, denied to show up and take Geeta from them. It may be noted that out of 21 tainted candidates, nine are booked under serious criminal charges like rape, murder, kidnapping and burglary.

The activity was done at Kejriwal’s residence to make him realize Bhagwad Geeta’s key message about ‘Karma’. Raizada says by fielding tainted candidates and hiding donors’ list, the Chanda Chor gang of AAP was bent upon bringing bad Karma to the party and the public.

Raizada quotes a tweet in which Arvind Kejriwal cited one of the most important messages of Bhagwat Geeta- ‘Karmanye Vadhikaaraste Ma Phalesha Kadaachana’, which means ‘do your job diligently and selflessly without worrying about the outcomes. God is watching and he will take care of it’. The denial to accept Geeta from us portrays his inner fears which he doesn’t wanted to show before us. It’s the fear from the truthful and courageous people.

Raizada adds that the message Kejriwanl wanted to spread among the volunteers with this tweet has now vanished from his memory, so we are back to helping him in remembering that. The bad Karma he is doing now is definitely going to harness grave circumstances for him and the corrupt politicians of Aam Aadmi Party, because as the last line of this message goes, God is watching all of us.

Raizada alleged that Aam Aadmi Party had become a master of deceit. “They are experts in camouflaging their corrupt practices with the emotional drama of playing victim and nonsensical blame-games. Their actions reveal their real interest. On one hand, they fielded 21 candidates in Punjab elections who come from the severe criminal background and on the other they promised the people of Punjab that they will bring better law and order in the state.

“On one hand they are babysitting the Chanda Chor Gang inside the party, and on the other, they promise janta that they will put the corrupt politicians behind the bar. These are just few examples of the difference Aam Aadmi portrays between its deeds and words. Even the Income-Tax department came out with a report which strongly proves our point that Aam Aadmi Party has become a hub of corruption.

Aam Aadmi Party is fooling the people of Punjab with the ideals and policies which they don’t even follow. We want Kejriwal to understand that Karma has its way of justice, and it will be done very soon,” says Raizada.

Aam Aadmi Party came in the politics with two major promises, transparency in political funding and to end criminality in politics. But of late, the party has complied with corrupt practices by obliterating its promises and policies.

Raizada is currently engaged in an internal battle with Aam Aadmi Party. He has been leading a Chanda Bandh Satyagraha (No List: No Donation campaign) against the party since December 2016.

The Satyagraha is an ideological battle with the chanda chor gang of AAP. It aims to seek a pledge from the public not to donate to AAP if it does not display its donors’ list.



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