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Looking for Immediate Funding? Take a Loan Against Property

Looking for Immediate Funding? Take a Loan Against Property
June 24
11:48 2022

Property owners who need urgent funding have the solution right with them. Seeking a loan against property is effortless, assuring one of a sizeable sanction that can address several expenses, such as business expansion, overseas education, weddings, and other functions, or even unforeseen medical emergencies. Many consider a loan against property a fitting solution to their debt consolidation woes as well.

Loan against property come with attractive benefits as they are secured loans. By using your existing property as collateral, you minimize the risk factor for the lender and gain access to attractive lending terms at competitive interest rates, usually starting as low as 8.60% for most eligible salaried and professional applicants.

Above that, the aspect that sets it apart from other mortgage loans is its zero end-use restriction on the sanction, giving it the versatility of a personal loan with the benefits of a secured loan. That, coupled with its speedy approval and disbursal time, makes a loan against property an ideal borrowing solution for those who require immediate funding.

Benefits of a Loan Against Property

A loan against property is a much sought-after credit facility among property owners who require funding to address big-ticket expenses. Lenders extend a sizeable credit line against the security of one’s property collateral while allowing the borrower the full use of the property, with the legal title in possession. Upon complete repayment, the legal title is reinstated to the borrower. Here are some of the benefits of loan against property that makes it so popular:

  • No Limitations on the End-Use

Most loan sanctions have designated utilization, such as a home loan, or a car loan. A loan against property allows you to use the disbursed amount as you see fit, making it ideal for a variety of personal and business expenses. One can avail of a loan against property to fund their start-ups, expand their business, consolidate their debt, pay for a foreign degree, or foot the bill for medical expenses without any qualms.

  • Sizeable Loan Sanctions

A loan against property is a secured mortgage loan, which minimizes the lender’s risk of extending the loan to you, as the loan amount can be recovered through the sale of the mortgaged property – if the need ever arises. This guarantee allows lenders to offer substantial loan amounts to those in need without lengthy and tedious paperwork. Market leaders offer sanctions as high as Rs. 5 Crores or higher, depending on the applicant’s profile and loan eligibility.

  • Attractive Interest Rates

Borrowers benefit from a sizeable loan sum without incurring a heavy cost of borrowing. Other loans with no-end use restrictions, such as personal loans, offer much lesser at a steeper interest rate. This stands true because the latter is an unsecured loan, and lenders may have very little repayment assurance.

  • Continued Property Use

Even if you mortgage the residential property you currently reside in, it will pose no problem in your living situation. Lenders permit borrowers continued usage of their property, while only retaining legal ownership of the asset. It not only allows you to leverage your property’s value but also ensures the safety and security of you and your loved ones.

  • Comfortable Repayment Tenor

Seeking a sizeable loan sum can amount to be a significant financial commitment, and one’s loan against property repayment tenor must be able to accommodate EMIs that are well-paced and easy to manage. Most loans against property lenders offer lengthy repayment tenors that can even stretch up to 18 years, allowing borrowers ample time to repay the loan amount while also focusing on their financial growth and stability.


Loans against property offer a lot in terms of the loan amount, cost sensitivity, and even tax benefits (subject to use) to borrowers, making it a compelling funding choice. Those who need urgent funding for their pressing needs can consider availing of a loan against property to benefit from its competitive features.



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