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Losing fat? Great! Gaining what?

Losing fat? Great! Gaining what?
May 08
16:14 2020

Ayush Kumra

Hello again and welcome back to the journey of self-improvement. I hope you all are doing fine and these last few days have been different for you in terms of positivity, mental satisfaction and inner peace. If you are wondering what the article is going to be about because the title is a question itself then let me tell you that you know the answer itself. Yes, I know it’s a question and you are probably reading this because even you would like to know my answer but wait for it just a bit longer as I can assure you that you know the answer already. Today, it’s the 3rd day of our 15 Days 15 Ways program and we have been doing very well till now. Cheers to all of us!

Today, we will be covering another very common problem, which determines your strength in front of others. It is your bicep size! Many people out there feel that a great body is all about a big and attractive bicep because that is what actually fascinates other people but do you really think the size of your bicep truly determines or expresses your strength?

I don’t. I know having physical strength feels great but the real power, the real strength lies beyond just muscles. It lies within your mind! The art of dealing with difficult situations, the skill of empathizing with people, the will of being better than you were yesterday! That determines the real strength.

Many of you’d be wondering that why am I contradicting my own theme of staying fit? Let me tell you, I want you to stay fit, gain physical strength, endurance, stamina etc. but NOT COMPROMISING with the first and foremost theme of developing a healthy mind that is full of positivity. Real aesthetics aren’t physical but mental and I want you to realize this.

The answer of gaining what has been written in the first line itself and it is SELF-IMPROVEMENT.

I just don’t want you to lose fat but gain a positive mindset and trust me if you gain that, you would develop a healthy body too. To help you reach your body goals, I post videos on YouTube where you can learn about things such as gaining size or losing fat but to make sure that you develop a healthy lifestyle, I make sure I write down the things, which matter the most over here.

So whenever you feel what are you actually gaining out of this program, just know this, its positivity, mental satisfaction and inner peace. So then See you next time and till then stay safe and stay fit.



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