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Maya itself contains the key to liberation

Maya itself contains the key to liberation
May 03
11:43 2018

Sri Anandamayi Ma

Normally maya holds mankind in a vice-like grip. However maya itself contains the key to our liberation, for “where there is a veil of ignorance, there is also a door to Knowledge”.
It is by suffering that suffering is overcome, because without suffering few would see the need for self-purification which leads to the unfoldment of our immortal Self.

The pilgrimage to immortality may appear arduous and unattractive at first, but it has to be undertaken, for it will lead us to our true home from which we have been absent too long, exposing us to the dualities of worldly life and the cycle of birth and rebirth.
Endurance and courage are essential requirements on the spiritual path. God-realization is not bestowed upon cowards. Just as did Arjuna, each one of us has to act heroically, slaying our weaknesses. There is no escape from the battlefield of life, since any attempt to evade our duty will only prolong the ordeal, keeping us in bodily captivity.

Instead we must confidently engage in battle, wielding the unfailing weapon of japa. God will not withhold the price of victory, blissful immortality, which is none other than our own true nature.
A man who has gone forth in search of God — God will never give him back again. God is one’s very own Self, the breath of one’s breath, the life of one’s life, the Atma. Not until his true Self has been revealed to him may a seeker ever relax his search. By seeking one will find; the Self is within one’s own grasp.
Happiness that depends on anything or anyone turns into sorrow when that particular thing or person is out of reach. Everything in this world is transitory. So also worldly happiness: it comes and the next moment it is gone. If permanent, abiding happiness is to be found, That which is eternal will have to be realized. In this world, every single person is crazy after something or other.

Bhagavan, the all-pervading, in every form, in every sect and religion is He alone. To be eager to love God is very fortunate; it is in fact His grace. Man’s love should be directed solely towards God, then only will there be peace and bliss. Ever take refuge at His feet. It is man’s privilege to realize the One; the path to Truth is open to him.
To invoke God sincerely without a result — this can never happen; He will surely cleanse and purify His own offspring and then take them to Himself. Pray to Him with heart and soul. To the limit of your power, using all the strength and capacity you possess, Endeavour to live constantly in His presence. Surrender yourself at His feet. He Himself gives His kriya (spiritual practice).
Excerpted from letters and public talks translated by Atmananda. The 122nd birth anniversary of Sri Anandmayee Ma was celebrated on April 3




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