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National Lipstick Day 2021: Reinventing lipstick in the era of masks

National Lipstick Day 2021: Reinventing lipstick in the era of masks
July 30
15:22 2021

NEW DELHI: Remember those Monday mornings when you dressed up, put on your makeup, and rushed to work? It feels like a chapter from one of your old history textbooks, doesn’t it? The pandemic has changed our lives in ways we never even imagined – and our relationship with the world of makeup is no exception.

From dolled-up Friday nights to recent Netflix binging in pyjamas, we indeed have lost a lot of our makeup items; and the worst affected is none other than our precious lipstick!

According to various reports, the sale of lipsticks saw a steep decline in 2020, as people conveniently skipped the one makeup item that was concealed under the mask. Even if we might use lip balms or an occasional lip gloss for a work call, we have pretty much said goodbye to red and pink shades of lipsticks.

However, before you completely give up on your favourite and expensive lipsticks, here are some tips shared by Chaitra Krishnan, makeup expert, Stylecraze telling all the lovely ladies- how to repurpose your lipsticks and still use them in areas that are not covered by your mask!

1. Eye makeup products undoubtedly do better than lipsticks, and this is where we can incorporate our lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks work as amazing eyeshadows and eyeliners if you have got the right brushes to apply them. They dry up super quickly and are almost smudge-free.

If you feel like going for a blended, smokey eye look with a bit of colour, then use your creme lipsticks. Keep in mind, it is extremely important to check the ingredients in these products to make sure they are safe for your eyes. A patch test is also recommended to avoid any allergic reactions.

2. Another task your lipsticks can carry on successfully is colour correction. Did you know your orange/red lipstick is an extremely good colour corrector and can help cover your dark circles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone? If you own unusual but always stylish lip colours like green, those can be used to colour correct redness on the skin.

So, get your favourite makeup sponge and blend the lipstick well in areas that need to be covered up, and layer the colour with a medium-to-full coverage concealer or foundation.

3. If you feel sad about your everyday mellow brown lipstick gathering mould inside its case, it’s time to give it a makeover! Brown lip colours are extremely useful when it comes to contouring and highlighting, provided they are easy to blend. Liquid lipsticks should not be used for this task since they’re difficult to blend.

This way, you can highlight your forehead area and jawline to make your face look attractive even when you are wearing a mask. 4. Apart from all of these, you can always use up your lipstick as a cheek tint for a natural blush look. Don’t forget to blend it well. Pro-tip is to always use your fingers to spread the shade on your cheeks. (ANI)



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