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NJ author releases book in Chennai

June 01
21:39 2016
Ms. Uma Swaminathan

Ms. Uma Swaminathan

NEW JERSEY: Uma Swaminathan, a New Jersey-based community activist and a fighter of injustice in NJ school systems, last week released her book “Healing with Herbs – Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom for Health and Longevity” at a gala book signing event at Odyssey Book Store in Chennai.

Last year, Ms. Swaminathan had authored a unique 250-page book “Herbal Transformations- Ancient wisdom revealed for health and longevity”.

Jaico Publications in India has now brought out the Indian edition of the book entitled “Healing with Herbs- Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom for Health and Longevity”.

The book is considered a treasure in view of the world-wide interest in its contents which include subjects like yoga, organic food, health concerns, cultural moorings and the universal yearning for youthfulness and longevity, according to the author.

It is written in a simple, personalized, chatty, and highly readable style which would appeal to all age groups, from the very young right up to the aged and it contains many lively colorful photographs taken by the author herself.

It speaks of yoga practices that can increase memory power, of tropical fruits that can even cure cancer, of increased sensitivity and intuition through proper diet and cleansing, how to lose weight and bring out one’s natural aura, the sacred geometry of the traditional Kolam art and even cooking recipe.

Ms. Swaminathan was referred to as Rosa Parks of Indian Community by Indian media in the US for putting up a brave fight against her suspension on fabricated grounds under racial bias. After three years, she was reinstated by the Courts and the Board squandered taxpayers’ hard earned money to justify their illegal actions to destroy a competent school teacher because of her ethnic Indian background.

T.S.Krishnamurthy, former Chief Election Commissioner of India; V. Selvaraj, former Chairman of Madras Port Trust; Prabhala Subash, a famous DJ and CEO of Masala FM radio; Chari, a retired IAS officer and others felicitated her.

Ms. Swaminathan is a US Citizen of Indian-origin and she owns an ancestral apartment in Chennai, where she stays while in India. She has specialized in cultural anthropology while studying at the Rutgers’ University in NJ. Her initial schooling was in Chennai and in Patna, Bihar. In her youth in India, she learned to fly monoplanes and got her private pilot’s license.

She studied classical Indian dance and is a prolific painter. She had also spent a few years in Tokyo, Japan, where she was honored by Princess Hitachi, Prime Minister Kaifu’s wife, for bridging

understanding and cultural awareness between India and Japan. She was made the Chief Marshal of the International Parade in Tokyo. She has been in leadership roles in the US and is past President of the Association of Indians in America. She is also a practicing Reiki Master.

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