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NJ legislature honors Dr Pankaj Naram

October 05
22:09 2016

dr-naram-baba-webNEW YORK: Dr Pankaj Naram, a master in reading the pulse using ancient Indian medical knowledge, got a rare recognition when the New Jersey Legislature decided to present him with the “Humanitarian of the Year Award” on October 1, eulogizing his abilities and contributions to humanity.

Dr Naram was in Germany and could not make it in time so Dr Clint Rogers, one of his ablest aides, received the award on his behalf. The award was originally scheduled to be presented by Governor Chris Christie but in his absence it was done by Senator Thompson.

Dr. Naram was honored for not only helping and healing thousands of the 9-11 firefighters and first responders, but also for his relentless commitment to all who need help and healing in any sectors of society around the world.

Dr. Naram has earned name and fame in Germany and Italy too. In fact, the Steinbeis University in Berlin has recruited him to teach a course to some of the top doctors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of Europe. This 2-year certification course, beginning in November 2016, is to be called “Ancient Traditions of Healing: Siddha-Veda and Dr. Pankaj Naram.” Participants in the course will participate face-to-face, online, and through a series of practical learning assignments.

Interest in ancient healing methods in Germany and Europe is widening in view of highly intensive research and evidence of their effectiveness. Dr. Klaus Küstermann, MD, the director in charge of a Medical Week program at another university in Germany, which had also invited Dr Naram as a Lecturer, made quite interesting observations

He said, “In our program, we are talking about ancient knowledge and of course his [Dr Naram’s] ancient secrets are a very good topic for us. When I came from the university, working as a doctor in the countryside of Germany, I soon realized that what I learned in university was not sufficient. What I had learned was to treat and cure acute diseases, with acute remedies, and for chronic diseases I had no good tools. I also had no possibility for prevention either. So learning these ancient secrets from Dr. Naram is a big support for us and our patients. And it does no harm! We are extremely impressed.”

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schröder, founder the Institute for Transcultural Health Sciences, explained why there was such a strong interest in learning these ancient methods. “It is something different than many are used to, but the most fascinating thing is how effective is his ancient method.

So this group of medical doctors are asking for more knowledge and for more competence from ancient sciences. For me, Dr. Naram is the best example for systemic healing.”

According to Steinbeis University’s website: “Ancient healing methods have been known and practiced around the world by master healers for thousands of years. Traditional medicines, known anciently in China and India, are still practiced today. “Many of the Siddha-veda healing “secrets” or methods were passed down master to student, and through their ancient “scriptures” or records. This is an introductory course in the ancient Siddha-veda healing methods, taught directly by current head of the lineage, master healer Dr. Panakj Naram.”

Dr. Naram is considered one of the world authorities in the ancient practices of pulse diagnosis, marma healing, and the use of diet & ancient herbal remedies for modern-day maladies. Through understanding the secrets of the pulse, he has been able to help people with chronic and acute health challenges like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, hair fall, infertility, ADD/ADHD, psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, heart problems, asthma, allergies, arthritis, obesity, and so on.

In this university course, Dr Pankaj Naram will be sharing for one of the first times some of the secrets he learned from his master and lineage dating back more than 2,500 years.

Dr Naram gives credit to his master, Baba Ramdas. He reports meeting his master more than 30 years ago when Naram was a balding, bespectacled and overweight young doctor. A patient told him about a 115 year old healer, Baba Ramdas, who practiced just outside of Mumbai. Ramdas was part of a direct lineage of healers that goes back 2,500 years to Lord Jivaka, the personal physician for Buddha.

Despite his age, Ramdas was seeing 80 to 90 patients a day, and was able to determine what was wrong with the person in less than one minute. Dr. Naram said Baba Ramdas not only helped him reduce his diabetes, grow his hair back, and lose weight, but also helped him face his own fear and ego, so he could be a true healer.

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