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Not everyday is going to be an achievement: Ayush Kumra

Not everyday is going to be an achievement: Ayush Kumra
May 09
23:35 2020

Hello again to one and all. We are back again today although a bit late today because of some things but that should not be a problem because I know, even if I am not here on time that doesn’t mean it will stop you from progressing.

This is Day 4 of 15 Days 15 Ways program and today’s video is based on how you can build bigger and stronger shoulders. I mean one should because you never know when someone out there might need your shoulder to cry upon LoL. Okay! I know it was a bad one but never mind.

So if you want to build some muscle you can check out my video, as for the article, I am going to talk more about mental health that I always like to do because that is something even more important.

The title of the article says that “Not everyday is going to be an achievement” and I really do believe this. You can’t just achieve everything in a snap. You need to hustle and wait for your time to come. However, I have already told you that we are on a journey of self-improvement so how does this message of mine leads to any sort of improvement? If you believe it doesn’t then I would prove you wrong and show you how.

Okay then I did state not everyday is going to be an achievement but what exactly is achievement? Is it only some sort of physical growth or some medal or results, which are visible to the naked eye? Do you think that the results can’t be abstract? I certainly don’t.

The point of writing this article is discussing one important thing and it is ACCEPTANCE. You should realize that growth rather development just doesn’t take in one single day itself. It’s a slow process and sometimes very slow but then believing that you haven’t achieved everything is totally wrong because what matters is accepting that maybe things wont come up any soon but still carrying the will of doing things with hope. What could be the most possible worst situation?

It could be you not achieving that benchmark which you had set for yourself but is that really the worst situation? Coz I can find it to be the best. It could be the best because you invested your precious time over yourself! That should matter the most.

In the present-day situation, all of us are just running behind something or the other but what about our own selves? Nothing! Achieving good physique to impress others? I am sorry if you really think that is how a healthy lifestyle is supposed to be.

You got to enjoy the process of loving yourself and no matter what results are, I already stated it on the very first day, if you are actually putting in efforts for yourself you have already surpassed yourself in terms of the version that you were of yourself during at that period of time.

Well, for now, I will take your leave and give you some time to think over this again because once you actually get it, you’d realize what are you achieving each and every single day even if its not visible to the naked eye.

Hence, not everyday is going to be an achievement if I compare myself to others but if I actually just think of myself, then everyday is an achievement mate! Everyday!

Till then stay safe and stay motivated.



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