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Sacramento Indian-Americans pay tribute to Galwan Martyrs

Sacramento Indian-Americans pay tribute to Galwan Martyrs
July 10
16:08 2020

India Post News Service

Over 150 Indian Americans located in the Greater Sacramento area of California State met online on Sunday, June 27th, and paid tributes to 20 Indian Army personnel who sacrificed their lives in a bloody scuffle with Chinese soldiers in the Galwan valley of Ladakh on the border. Indian Association of Sacramento (IAS) led this online meet and was joined by friends of Col Santosh Babu who was one of the 20 martyrs. A two-minute silence was observed as a mark of respect for the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers.

IAS Vice-President Bhaskar Vempati thanked the participants for joining and wished sadgati and mukti to the martyrs on behalf of IAS. IAS President Shivesh Sinha paid his homage to the martyrs and quoted PM Modi’s statement saying “India knows how to look into the eye and respond appropriately” to the aggressors. Shivesh also said “China is an autocratic country. Most Chinese people living in North America and outside China aren’t happy with China due to China’s autocratic policy.

They don’t feel safe going back to their country. Our anger is not against the Chinese, but the Chinese government and their aggressive policies against India”. Shivesh requested the audience to take baby steps to find alternatives to Chinese products to break China’s monopoly over certain market segments.

NRI, Indians, IndianAmericans, Diaspora, IndiansAbroad,California , Greater Sacramento area, Chicago, BharatKeVeer, Tribute, IndianDiaspora, GalwanValley, IndoChinaClashes, GalwanValleyFaceoff, Illinois, IndiansinUSA, DonaldTrump, IndianCommunityGeneral Rao, a friend of Martyr Col. Santosh Babu mentioned that he was at a memorial service for Col. Santosh Babu. General Rao started his career in the armed forces back during Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s regime, retired in 2010, spent 40 years in the Indian Army including placement at China borders. Gen Rao said, “We have the best of the soldiers, manpower, motivated, and brave soldiers. Unfortunately, China took it for granted that the Indian Armed Forces are in the same state of 1962.

Today we are very much ready in all ways. What China is doing is kind of dadagiri or coercive. When Col.Santhosh Babu went there, the tempos ran high, and very unfortunately its turnout was bad. The martyrs have created double or more than double the casualties at the opponent’s end. Being an autocratic nation China doesn’t want to disclose their numbers. They may be feeling that the turnout will be a bad image for Chinese president Jinping. They are trying to hide the events.

The backlash of Covid, Hong Kong& Taiwan problems. Jinping wants to divert the nation’s attention to Ladakh’s incursions. The boundary where it’s not clearly marked as an international boundary, we did come to a mutual agreement – neither side will not come to a head of certain point, because it’s no man’s land. Its disputed land, due to problems with British who didn’t identify the border lines at some places.

India needs to close this border dispute issue. To the armed forces, the recent incident at Point 14 is a great motivator, as the whole nation is backing. Recent news indicates the US offer to join Indian armed forces. With the best of leadership, the quality of manpower has, the finest technology available, this is the right time we are ready to face our enemy if any misadventure is planned by China. Before we think of War, we need to think of a smart way of doing this – possibility of financial war or business war.

If the economic interests of China are hit hard, then that alone will crumble our enemy. If this happens, China will not be able to maintain its huge arm forces for a long time. Priority 1 should be an economic war. With reference to Covid-19 pandemic with roots from China, Germany is looking for pay back; Australia is planning to go to the international court against China on Covid-19. Small countries aren’t happy with Chinese conditions to pay back their loans.

They have learned lessons from China. The thought process in India – the best of unity is coming up. The greatness of our nation is staying united irrespective of religiousdiversity; it’s going to show to the world – with pride – what kind of country we are. We will wait to see if China learns lessons by other means, instead of using Indian armed forces. If at all we get pushed to the war if at all we are required to show force, we are very sure many more nations will join us, and with all people living in India and or supporting from overseas, we will come out very successful and China will learn a lesson”.

Smt. Lekha Itagi representing the local Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) chaptersaid, “Unfortunately 20 of our brave soldiers were martyred defending our borders. They have personified the words ‘Me rahu ya naa rahu, Bharath ye rehana chahiye’. Each one of us can contribute our effort in cutting the Chinese economy to size and also in countering the vicious propaganda that emanates from its proxies in the media all over the world. ‘Tera vaibhav amar rahe maa, hum din chaar rahe na rahe’ meaning – let the glory of our punyabhumi Bharath remain forever, whether we live long or not. On behalf of HSS offering my deepest shradhanjali to our departed heroes”.

Paresh Sinha from the local OFBJP chapter spoke, “What China did was nothing but a cowardly attempt on our motherland. China did this on purpose to divert Covid-19, protests in Hong Kong, and our brave soldiers sacrificed their life. Soon or later China will have to pay the price for the misadventure. China has issues that are essential to winning a war including Lower Confidence of the Army, Lower Worldwide acceptance of the country, and Lower acceptance by its own people. India has come out of 1962 psychological pressure a long time ago. India is committed to protecting its sovereignty. I request all of us to stay united in this difficult time”.

Colonel Santhosh Babu’s childhood school friend Venkateswarlu Nuvvuluri spoke, “On June 16th morning, I heard shocking news from Whatsapp group that Col Santhosh Babu is no more. I am proud to say we shared our joy for 7 years at Korukonda Sainik School, located in Andhra Pradesh State. Santhosh is a very hard-working, committed, and brilliant mind. Instead of going to Ivy League college in the United States, he chose to wear Army Uniform and he got selected for NDA.

Instead of staying away from the seniors, he used many opportunities to mingle with them to discuss various issues. He achieved Colonel rank at a very young age. We have good memories of him. Col Santhosh Babu maintains a personal relationship with all of our school groups. 2018 we had silver jubilee. In Feb 2020, he messaged us he was taking charge of command in Ladakh region. We all greeted him and wished sooner he would achieve topmost rank. It’s a great loss to the nation. He is a superhero because he is the first martyr before his men in the group during a battle with Chinese forces on June 15th”.NRI, Indians, IndianAmericans, Diaspora, IndiansAbroad,California , Greater Sacramento area, Chicago, BharatKeVeer, Tribute, IndianDiaspora, GalwanValley, IndoChinaClashes, GalwanValleyFaceoff, Illinois, IndiansinUSA, DonaldTrump, IndianCommunity

Colonel Rao who worked in the Armed Forces joined the meeting and he said “We have come a long way since 1962. Col Santhosh Babu brought a complete change in the way we look at ourselves. Each one of us needs to rededicate ourselves to strive from doing ordinary things to strong citizens to bear any actions that are a threat to our geographical border. We are going in the right direction, we have the right leadership, Indian army is quite confident, morale is very high ever seen in the last 2-3 decades. Jai Hind”.

Another speaker Venkat Nagam said “Maybe Jinping wants to grab some land from India and showcase to his people that the land was once lost to India, and he got it back. We all knew that can’t happen.  After the June 15th incident, India announced an urgent purchase of 33 fighter jets.

These 33 all-new fighters are part of the effort to increase the air force from existing 33 front-line squadrons to 40 possibly, the number of which New Delhi considers sufficient to fight with Pakistan and China at the same time. By the end of June we heard – the US announced that it will pull troops from Germany to block China. Later the date, the US passed the Authorization Act for the fiscal 2021 – to include India, Japan, and Australia for fighter jet training. What that said…I think this is just a ‘sample’. We will see more down the line aimed at cornering China”. Venkat ended his speech with a call to all to stay united and support our troops and the leader Modi Ji.

Dr Bhavin Parikh, past president of IAS, prepared a protest petition to the Chinese Embassy and other local political leaders. Mr. Parikh said “IAS always stands up in solidarity with our motherland whenever any tragedy strikes India, especially Military personnel.

When our 40 plus Jawans were martyred during Pulwama attack on Feb14, 2019, our local Indian community heavily mourned their loss and IAS immediately organized a meaningful vigil to pay homage to those brave soldiers. We’ve gathered today to salute our martyred soldiers of Galwan valley face-off. For the period between April 2019 and February this year, China accounted for 11.8% of India’s total imports. However, India’s total exports to the country were a mere 3%. Clearly, We buy more from China than we sell. Casualties of Indian soldiers from China’s aggression will definitely cost a lot to China. China should remember that this is Modi’s New India and the nation is united and ready to challenge China in many ways- internationally, economically and military”.

Indian American girl from a Local Middle School “Sohini Chakraboty” sang the patriotic song “aye mere watan ke logo”. Satheesh Nagaraj, past President of IAS said “Dear Military Members and families, I bow my head for the sacrifice you have made to protect the country. We are all safe because of you. The commitment by armed forces to serve the nation and people is unparalleled”. Satheesh expressed sincere thanks to the speakers, IAS officers & volunteers. Satheesh ended his speech with a quote from Indian Prime Minister – “India Knows How to Maintain Friendships But Can Also Retaliate if Need Arises”.

Ajit Natu, former president of IAS commented, “We are proud of Indian Jawans, Thanks to IAS for conducting such a noble and very valid cause and bringing the Indian Army Personal and friend of Col Santhosh Babu to speak in the forum, Jai hind”. Smt. Meera Ramakrishnan sang Indian National Anthem “Jana gana Mana”. At the end, all the online meeting audience shouted “Bharat Mata ki Jai” slogans.  IAS has been active in the Greater Sacramento area of California for the last 15 years. IAS has over 5000+ members mostly emigrated from India and living in the Greater Sacramento area. Please visit IAS website: for more information about IAS and its activities.



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