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Online Carrom: Reliving Childhood Memories

Online Carrom: Reliving Childhood Memories
November 08
16:00 2019

The game of Carrom is part of the childhood memories of all of us, and the Carrom board game still holds a special place in the hearts of most Indians as it is played throughout India and some parts of South  East Asia. In the last few years, its online version has gained immense popularity as more and more people are enjoying online Carom gameplay. With such immense popularity, it is also played as a real money game now.

How to play online Carrom game?

Once you download the Carrom board game app, sign up by entering your details. Players can choose to play single games or multi-table games. The online Carrom board game offers multi-player games in which player pairing is done on the basis of the skills of the players. In multi-table games, you can play games at multiple tables at once. Players can even challenge their friends or players from across the globe and enjoy thrilling games reliving their childhood days.

How to win Carrom games?

Winning Carrom games requires the skill of shooting from correct angles as well as accuracy and focus. With the combination of these, anyone can win big in Carrom games.  The Carrom game offers a great variety of matches and rewards. To play Carrom board online, all you need to do is download a carrom app and install it on your mobile.

Why you should choose the online game of Carrom?

An online Carrom platform provides you with the digital version of your favourite game of Carrom. Besides providing you with entertainment, it helps you improve your concentration and enhances your visual perception. Here are some features of a great carom platform:

  • Use of advanced physics to provide a seamless gaming experience.
  • Impressive graphics to keep players engaged.
  • The pairing of players based on their Carrom-gaming skills.
  • A wide variety of Carrom matches.
  • Referral programs and other offers for players.
  • Assurance of data security of players.

Playing online Carrom is as much fun as playing the game in real life. The experience is quite similar, where players may find the queen unreachable or the target puck may be unapproachable due to the placement of other coins. Overall, the game has got everything that players get in a real game. Online Carrom is for all types of players from newcomers to pro players. 

The Basics of Online Carrom

The equipment used is similar to that used in a real-life board game of Carrom: the only difference is that in online Carom it’s digital. There are three types of pucks: 9 black, 9 white and one red. These pucks are also called Carrom men except the red one, which is called the Queen. There is a round striker with which you strike pucks to pocket them. You have to pocket all your pucks and the Queen (if it hasn’t already been pocketed by the opponent) before your opponent to win.

The Carrom game online was created to provide you with great entertainment and enable you to relive your childhood memories at any time anywhere. If you’re looking for a great carrom game to download and surprise your friends in Carrom games online, go ahead and download the game now.



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