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Pak kills Sikhs, but funds, fuels Khalistani terror elsewhere: Canadian expert

Pak kills Sikhs, but funds, fuels Khalistani terror elsewhere: Canadian expert
September 22
15:34 2020

NEW DELHI: Pakistan has been eliminating its Sikh population for decades through killings, rapes, abductions and forced marriages of young women, yet it is funding and fuelling Khalistani terrorism and separatist movement globally to achieve it sinister plans to break up India, a Canadian expert has said.

The expert Terry Milewski, who authored a recently released report on the subject, made the remarks while was speaking at a webinar “Khalistani Terrorism and Canada” organised by Delhi-headquartered think-tank Law and Society Alliance through video conferencing on September 18.

Milewski, who wrote the September 9 report “Khalistan: A Project of Pakistan” published by the Canadian think-tank MacDonald-Laurier Institute, said the Khalistani terrorists have sworn their allegiance to Pakistan, which in turn has pledged to play the tunes of China.

The MacDonald-Laurier Institute report has taken the Khalistani extremists by storm, triggering an intense global debate on Khalistani terrorism, and exposing Pakistan’s major hand in it. Milewski said his report had exposed the Khalistan extremists and Pakistan, where real Sikhs still suffer from forcible conversion to Islam, attack on gurdwaras, abductions and killings.

“It is like the India-Pakistan partition days are not yet over. This is why the Sikh population is rapidly declining in Pakistan.” He said the trigger for writing the report even after 35 years of the Khalistani terrorists’ Air India bombing, the largest mass killing Canada had ever seen and its victims yet to see complete justice delivered, was the ambitious Khalistan map that he saw of the ‘Referendum 2020’ campaign.

The proposed Khalistan map had included several parts of India, including some landmass of Rajasthan, the entire Indian side of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi.

“But this map, put up by Sikhs For Justice as part of the voter enlisting exercise in Canada, did not claim a single inch of Pakistani territory as part of Khalistan. It should have included Lahore, from where Maharaja Ranjit Singh ran an empire, and Nakanana Sahib, where Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born. Why are those parts of land with Sikh history being left out? The answer is that people who are organising the movement for Khalistan cannot afford to run the campaign without Pakistan’s monetary and other kinds of support. They do not want to annoy their masters.”

Milewski said he had seen the open Pakistan support to the extremist Khalistani during the August 15 protests organised in front of Indian missions in Canada. Though the two sides try to hide the support, they get exposed each time, he said. Milewski criticised liberal nations like Canada for waiting for the Khalistani terrorists to strike and kill its citizens rather than to act pre-emptively despite tell-tale signs of the plot regarding the Air India flight.

Member of the UK’s House of Lords, Remi Ranger thanked Milewski for the “explosive” report and noted that his credibility made it even more powerful. “Khalistani extremists are an insult to the Sikh Gurus. They are totally misguided, and work at the behest of Pakistan that uses religion to divide people.” He also appealed to the nations that have given shelter to the Khalistani separatists to realise the harm they were committing to their own citizens, like those affected by the Air India flight terror attack.

“The Khalistanis, by working for India’s enemies, are committing a crime that goes against their Gurus, who worked to unite India, and their own kith and kin. They have done enough damage to the legacy of their Gurus.”



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