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Paramatman Light in us must blossom like a flower

Paramatman Light in us must blossom like a flower
December 21
12:12 2018

Mother Meera

I bring down the Light and establish Peace, also I help the people to surrender to the Divine, to remember the Divine and to be faithful and sincere to their religion or to their belief. I help people to be happy in their families.

Q: What is your main purpose?

Mother Meera: It is to help humans and to make them happy, peaceful, contented, harmonious, and loving. Happiness and spiritual growth are connected. Being peaceful and being happy form the most important foundation of spiritual practice. Then the practice goes by itself.

Q: What is your aim?

MM: To protect all aspects of the human being.

Q: The work of the Mother in the world is going on all the time now, isn’t it?

MM: All the time. The consciousness of mankind is being prepared for great leaps and discoveries – in a gentle way wherever possible. But some things will have to be destroyed. I do not like to destroy; I like to change things. But where there is no openness there must be destruction. However, God is giving man a great chance. Many divine persons are here. We are showing man a way out; we are offering him the divine Light, the divine knowledge. We are bringing down into the consciousness of the Earth the divine consciousness. Now man must choose. Man is free; God will not force his children to do anything. He wants their free love. Mercy and love are always there.

Q: Is there an aspect to your work other than that of bringing down the Light?

MM: I have come to say that all paths are as good as each other and all lead to the Divine, and that therefore the various believers should respect each other’s ways. For example, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other religious people can believe and follow their own faith, but should not hate or fight others’ faith. People who follow any path can come to me – I help them to remember the Divine, and give them peace and happiness when they are in trouble.

Q: What is the importance of the Paramatman Light?

MM: I called down the Paramatman Light. The Paramatman Light is in everything. The work of transformation will be done much more quickly, providing people are open. Even if they are not open now, the pressure and power of the Light are so great that they will become open.

Q: What does it mean to bring down the Paramatman Light? Isn’t Paramatman already everywhere?

MM: The Paramatman Light is everywhere, but when one needs it one must know when, where, how and for what to use it. The Light was always there; I prayed to Paramatman, the Supreme Being, to be able to use it. The Light has never been USED before. Like electricity, it is everywhere, but one must know how to activate it. I have come for that.

Q: Do you want to begin a religion?

MM: No. The Divine is the sea. All religions are rivers leading to the sea. Some rivers wind a great deal. Why not go to the sea directly?

Q: If you leave your body, will the Light leave with you?

MM: It will stay, it will continue. Each Avatar brings down a particular Light which changes human history. We have to try to reveal that Light which is hidden in us as a bud. It must blossom like a flower.

Excerpted from The 58th birth anniversary of Mother Meera is being observed on December 26.



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