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Political versus faith-based colonizers

Political versus faith-based colonizers
October 28
11:19 2019


There are two broad groups of colonizers: the political colonizers and faith-based cultural colonizers. The latter is more cruel and ruthless against natives than the former. Political colonizers invade other lands to bring law and order, justice and prosperity to the conquered lands. Political colonizers have the vision to bring peace to the conquered lands.

They don’t go there to impose their ideals and selfish objectives for the exploitation of local resources. Political colonizers loot the wealth of colonized natives for their own country’s benefits. Often times they use faith to justify their acts of colonization.

For example, the British government colonized India to use Indian resources for world wars and they justified their colonization by attaching their colonization to civilize natives. This is the classical case of British colonization globally.

French colonization of South Asia and Africa was also a political one. Spanish colonization of Mexico and other parts of South America is also political colonization. Portuguese colonization of Brazil is also called political colonization. Faith was again used to justify.

The main characteristics of political colonizers:

  • A national objective of land expansion
  • Spreading national governance across new regions through military conquest
  • Faith is used to bringing subjugated lands and their natives for ideology harmonization
  • The US, Brazil, Mexico and other parts of South America have almost completely annihilated civilizations. Native culture in those lands is in Museums today.

Main Characteristics of faith-based colonizers:

  • Faith-based conquest of native territories
  • Conversion of natives to the invaders’ faith is the main objective
  • Any type of violence against women, children and young women are justified. For example, Babur ordered all captured Hindu women from Kabul to be sold in the slave markets of Syria. Similarly, Mohammed bin Qasim ordered all captured women from Sindh to be sold in the slave markets of Syria. Same happened to 3,000 women from the Yezidi community in Iraq to be sold in Syria by Islamic State fighters
  • Anarchy is used to cement power
  • Destruction of all identity of natives is the main goal. Most temples and universities were destroyed in India by Islamic colonizers

Who are the opponents of nationalism? Global faith-based communities and colonizers hate nationalism. Global faith-based communities such as Muslim Ummah are also colonizers of native lands.

Nowadays, they use victimhood and other fake phobic campaign terms to galvanize their people to become fearful of other nationalistic people. Muslims Ummah is an invisible Islamic leadership that dreams of a caliphate every day. They are the faceless leadership in every colonized land.

Ultra leftists, Communists and ultra-leftist academicians are also anti-nationalists because they are loyal to their philosophies more than the land on which they live. Mostly they oppose nationalism to continue their funding from colonizers.


Islam with its founding in 610CE has been the single largest faith-based colonizer of the world. The caliphates of Islam successfully eliminated the history and identity of people of Levant with brutal force.

However, the first defeat of Islam came in India where even after multiple attacks against Hindus, India still remained a dharmic country. Western political colonizing countries also used Christianity to colonize the natives and they successfully erased the entire past history of natives.

The entire Greco-Roman history was wiped out as seen in Rome and many other parts of Europe and South America. The entire history of the Philippines was also removed completely by their Christian colonizers. Arabs used Islam to colonize Levant, Persia, South Asia, Africa and some parts of southeast Asia. Naturally, Islamic Ummah and Christian clergy hate natives and nationalistic movements.

Boundaryless Islamic nations are the dream for which Islamic Ummah have sustained themselves so far and may continue to fantasize that in future. Colonizers hate nationalism while natives love nationalism. It’s natural and organic.


Persia bore the brunt of Islamic attack from 633 to 651 AD. It was home to Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism. The attack of Islam on Persia was so severe that till date many Persians hate Islam. To counter Arabic Muslims, Persians created their own version of Islam known as Ajam-Islam meaning Islam of non-Arabs.

Influential and wealthy Persians were bribed with money to convert to Islam. For those  Persians who did not convert were taxed to force them to surrender and of those who still did not convert, they were forced to convert through Arabic sword.

Thousands of Zoroastrian, Hindu and Buddhist books and temples were destroyed across Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In 18 years, entire Persia was forced to convert to Islam. That conflict is still continuing. Arabic Islam is still trying to win over Persia as more and more Persians are rising against that ideology. Islamic faith-based colonization of Persia has failed. Still Persians speak of their scientific achievements of the pre-Islamic period. The world should recognize the voices of freedom from Islam coming out of Iran.


Naturally, both forms of colonization hated any revolt from the natives. Therefore they created extremely brutal police forces to control native populations. The political persecution of American natives is an untold story that is never taught in American schools.

Mughal colonizers were so scared of Hindus and Buddhists native armies that they didn’t venture out of their forts for the fear of their lives. Babur never attacked south of the Vindhyas for fear of defeat because a strong ruler Raja Krishnadevaraya was ruling there and he had a better and stronger army there.

For 150 years that they ruled South Asia albeit peacefully, they hated local nationalistic leaders. Aurangzeb put 10,000 assassins to kill Guru Gobind Singh and his entire family. That was the fear of Aurangzeb from Guru Gobind Singh. Later Guru Gobind Singh inspired Maharaja Ranjit Singh to free India from Islamic colonizers in Afghanistan, today’s Pakistan and parts of India. India largely remained a dharmic country because of a stronger culture built on truth and Justice.


Faith-based colonizers use faith as a tool to subjugate natives. Spaniards, Portuguese, French and Arabs used faith-based conquest and colonization. These colonizers eliminate the identity of the natives out of sheer hatred of the colonized. Christian colonizers called native Americans, Indians and Africans as heathens.

Arabs called natives of Levant and Persia as kafirs. They justified rapes, mass genocides in the name of god. Islamic atrocities on Hindus, Buddhists and Zoroastrians were all based on the teachings of their book Quran.

They used rewards for complying and severe punishment for not complying to their dictates. Most natives were branded as idolatrous and any act to subjugate them was considered a God-ordained act. There was no room for any leniency against kafirs or idolatry or unbelievers. Prof K.L. Shah estimated that 80 million Hindus were killed as in Islamic campaigns in Persia, Pakistan and Afghanistan against the natives of those lands.

Most of the people in those lands are fighting for freedom from invading Islamic faith. The Islamic concept of punishing natives through the exploitation of their women and children was the usual modus operandi of most Islamic conquests. Christian crusades were the response to Islamic conquests of Christian lands and it started through Constantine.

Muslim Ummah is an unorganized leadership of Islamic colonialists against colonized lands. Colonizers never want natives to be armed because they fear reprisals. British banned guns and kalarippayattu martial arts in India.


Most of the residents of 57 Islamic countries are yearning for freedom from Islam. Balochistan, Sindhustan, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yezidi, Syria and many other communities are yearnings for freedom. Kashmir was recently freed from the corrupt and cruel rule of Islamic Ummah by the Indian government.

Majority of freed Kashmiris welcomed this move. In India, successive governments used secularism to remove the identity of Hindus and Buddhists by deliberately ignoring Hindu cultural symbols and Hindu heroes. New Delhi was converted into a historical Mughal city when the fact is Mughals were never able to live peacefully in Delhi. The entire ancient Hindu history is never taught to Indians because the Islamic and Christian colonizers are still ruling India through Indian institutions.

Today terror sponsor states such as Pakistan and Turkey have assumed the mantle of Islamic colonizers. The colonized are now calling themselves as colonizers is the funniest thing to see in international politics. Pakistan and Turkey have their hands stained by the blood of their interns’ Islamic supremacy wars.

How can they even talk about human rights when they are themselves accused of human rights abuses? It’s time for another freedom struggle of occupied territories beginning from within Islamic states such as Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. The states such as Balochistan, Sindhudesh and Afghanistan are yearning for freedom from Islamic governance. In the end, the defenders of the ancient land and culture will prevail. India needs to aggressively remove all imprints of colonizers in India with a vengeance to regain national pride and identity.




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