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Prince Organization’s commitment to humanity endures

Prince Organization’s commitment to humanity endures
February 11
13:39 2022

AAHOA Lifetime member has been a community supporter for over 2 decades By blood, I am Hindustani (Indian). By citizenship, an American. By faith a Sindhi-Hindu. As to my calling, I belong to hospitality and entirely to the heart of Humanity.”

This modest autobiography could belong to no one other than Orange County’s most inconspicuous Social entrepreneur and philanthropist better known as Sunny Tolani, an amazing human being.

He has been supporting local communities in the Americas and India giving back to the communities it serves and the commitment goes beyond the checkbook, as their employees too contributed hundreds of hours serving and volunteering.

Whether they plan on cleaning up a public space, mentoring young staff, inviting the local students to tour the back of house hotel operations, what they do makes a world of difference. Their entire organization feels a sense of pride at what they are able to achieve. They supported childcare providers and YMCA centers, local food banks to help in our communities.

We live in an age of mega philanthropy. Big name billionaires, likes of Messrs. Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg channel their fortunes into social causes ranging from poverty and healthcare to education and gender equality. Tolani has taken a different path, steering clear of lofty causes in favor of tangible, physical contributions to improve the life of our cities. Providing a reminder of what civic philanthropy can be at its best-not a huge gift aimed at solving an amorphous problem such as climate change but a privately financed public good that can change the face of a city and serve every level of society.  Why not spend my time doing something of value? Make people’s lives better in the here and now? We do it without waiting for the world to change? Said Tolani.

Since he founded Prince, he made it a cornerstone to be there for the American people and communities in the moments when they need it the most. They have been responding to natural disasters providing relief for those affected by a disastrous mother nature and get help going before even the American Red Cross and others get to it.

Sunil (Sunny) Tolani’s company, The Prince Organization, has been named one of the 2021 Companies That Care by the Orange County Business Journal. Tolani, CEO of the Hospitality group, donated financially to help people struggling in India during the surge of COVID-19 cases. Women’s welfare and well-being is also their # 1 focus with second chance giving, women’s wage equality, prevention and awareness of children-women sex trafficking at hotels.

The Organization assists at-risk and formerly gang involved youth to become positive and contributing members of society through job placement, training and education opportunities for a second chance. Tolani believes the business of second chance is everybody’s business. Businesses need to find the moral imperative to secure places in our workforce for those who just need a chance to prove themselves. This can’t be the concern only of a large gang rehab center; it must also be part of our collective response to keep our streets safe and our communities healthy.


My father said “A person becomes a better person through other people. Saving annual cost to taxpayers of more than $100,000 per inmate – the average in the nation’s biggest cities.  “We’re putting them back on the track of life, love, health, prosperity, helping them find jobs. I want to take a  chanceby changing a life, and not just one life but also his family. The ripple effects are incredible. The emphasis on work is strategic-Jobs for a Future. Work is ennobling, there’s no such thing as a job that doesn’t bring dignity.

Abuse appears rampant at prisons aspredatoryemployeeshave been targeting women and men inmates who have been subjected to rampant sexual abuse by male and female correctional officers and are often threatened  or punished when they try to speak up and report sexual crimes.

Prince Organization is known for its social advocacy as much as its Humanitarian Work, chief executive Sunny Tolani is promising to ramp up the brand’s corporate activism and run for national public office. His track record on social issues has prompted politicians and hotel industry executives encouraging him to run for political office. At the recent ALIS: The Americas Lodging Investment Summit Hotelier’s conference at L.A. Live, Tolani promised to write a book about his social-impact work and his impact on social ideals.  “Education is the key, communities and youths improve having good jobs. social aspects trend in the right direction. They succeed at schools and at home and work, there tends to be less substance abuse and less domestic violence with increased financial stability, empowerment and self-confidence with high self-esteem.”

Said Tolani adding “Many people are feeling a tremendous lack of trust in public institutions around them,” “We need organizations, including businesses, to step forward more than ever.” At their hotels, they emphasize education, hospitality education, trainings, webinars as a gateway to their success. it builds teamwork and a desire to build goodwill and healthier relationships.

All over the Americas they introduce young people to Hospitality interested in pursuing careers and taking a step toward making their dreams a reality. The young people are always very excited, and their parents are amazed at all the possibilities.  Internships are an inspiring and an enlightening experience for them.

“I want to use my voice and blessings in service of activism and social justice. To be a CEO-leader, means that you must speak up when you see injustice, speak out for what’s right and do the right thing with leadership through character and positive spirit living an important life.” Said Tolani at ALIS.

For almost 15 years, through good times and challenging times, we are doing our social purpose causes and that has been the single most recognized hallmark of my entrepreneurial achievement.

Prince hospitality embraces the concept of “family,” spirit of kinship connecting their staffs. They love being together as one family and on CEOs hotel visits, sharing lunches and joining hands for a group blessing ceremony.

Tolani feels blessed to share some knowledge and mentor middle/ high school students and encourage them to speak up, stand up for their rights to choose freedom and expression more than ever before.

Look for the good in people and do not tolerate, stay away from toxic, bullying, lying negative people. Choose to work doing things you enjoy most with pride and purpose.

Petition for political education in high school and understand the who/why/what—others want to control your future. Support your community with like-minded friends. Keep away from drugs, alcohol and violence. learn to stay away from fake social media and do not compete on vanity and beauty, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

Most importantly, honor God by respecting your parents, elders and always ask and implement their good advice.

They let them know about the life of pride and purpose, mission of company, they can get a wealth of information and education, professional info on Prince Organization Facebook and Instagram page updated 3 times a week.

Just like it was done for him, he hopes to make investments that will give dreamers and doers-particularly those that are underfunded or are playing from behind-the encouragement and luck necessary to maximize their potential and positively impact the world living the American dream.

“SUCCESS isn’t just about what we accomplish in life, it’s about what we INSPIRE others to help and achieve in life” Tolani said to Orange County Business Journal. In life, make a point of serving others. You’ll end up getting more out of it than you’ve ever dreamed.

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