Priyanka grandmother’s last wish denied

Priyanka Chopra with grandmother

Priyanka Chopra with grandmother

Priyanka Chopra lost her ma ternal grandmother, Madhu Jyotsana Akhauri, days after returning from America. The actress was close to her granny and to fulfil her last wish of being buried at her childhood church – St John’s Attamangalam church, she flew her grandmom’s body to Kerala…

However, the church didn’t allow her to be buried because she had married a Hindu.

This didn’t go down well with Priyanka and she felt awful. However, being her cool self, she remained calm and performed the last rites of her grandmother at another church in Kerala. But talking about the incident, Priyanka said, “The act of church was awful. But we should not concentrate on it. Rather we should look that we lost a family member.”

Late Mrs Akhouri’s cousin Elias Kavalappara also told a leading channel, “She had confessed and even taken communion in this church two years back. I don’t see any reason why she should be denied her last wish. I am not going to take this lying down. This is the 21st century, not some dark age.”