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Puerto Rico: ‘Caribbean Paradise’

Puerto Rico: ‘Caribbean Paradise’
January 17
10:11 2022

Puerto Rico is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places with the beautiful Caribbean beaches, the amazing island landscapes, the underwater experiences, and the rich Caribbean culture. Though Puerto Rico is technically a territory of the United States, the atmosphere of the Caribbean is abundant all over the island. The lively environment in the capital city of San Juan coupled with the ultimate soothing experiences in the islands nearby makes it the perfect combination of all things good.

There are some things in Puerto Rico that will just be too good to be true. The Bioluminescent Bay and the Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island is perhaps the best beach you’ll ever visit. The El Yunque rainforest’s extensive lands and greenery provide you with literally unlimited activities. Indulge in the delightful local food and shop for some memorable souvenirs.  From thrilling treks and zip-lining to chilling in the cold water of the rivers. Head out in the evenings for walks in Old San Juan to witness the vibrant culture. Check out the forts of the “Walled City” in Old San Juan, a brilliant insight into the colonial history. And of course, who can ever undermine the Caribbean party culture. With beaches and hotels both, Puerto Rico will not leave you disappointed, and do get a bit of that rum!

Places To Visit In Puerto Rico

Old San Juan: Located in the capital San Juan, Old San Juan is a historic district of Puerto Rico and it’s oldest settlement.

This lively district in San Jose is amazingly rich in heritage. It is here where the first Spanish settlement on Puerto Rico was established back in 1508. Today, this historic little strip of island lies just north of the city of San Jose. It’s a lively mix of old iconic architecture,

San Juan National Historic Site: A series of fortifications built to defend San Jose and the Bay of San Jose, along with the La Fortaleza, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These fortifications were built between the 15th and 19th century, and are perhaps the most important feature of Puerto Rico’s history. It became a protected park in 1949, and a World Heritage Site in 1983, 1 of only 12 in the United States.

Museo de Las Americas: The history and culture of the American continent, with an emphasis on Puerto Rico’s cultural heritage, can be found at el Museo de las Américas in Old San Juan. Located inside of the historic Cuartel de Ballajá, a former barracks for Spanish soldiers, the museum has four permanent exhibitions: Popular Arts in the Americas, African Legacy, El Indio in America, and the Conquest and Colonization, which mark the cultural evolution of what Puerto Rico is today. The museum displays pottery, musical instruments, basketry, among other relics made in different American countries. It also exhibits Santos de Puerto Rico, the saints worshipped by Puerto Ricans and some other temporary exhibits covering a range of topics.

Isla de Cabras: The entrance of the San Juan bay, Isla de Cabras is one of the best-facilitated beaches of Puerto Rico and is also famous for relaxation. The island is well known by the tourists for fishing and walking through the beach and also for its varied and safe watersports like kayaking, snorkeling, diving, swimming, and fishing in Puerto Rico.

Adventure Activities in Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico has a wide array of adrenaline pumping action for those who just can’t do without the thrill, and tons of other fun activities!

You just can’t go through Puerto Rico without taking one of these superb and exciting tours. There are several companies like Rocazila, Toro Verde, Ecoquest Adventures, Acampa Nature Adventure tours, Yunke Zipline Adventure and many, many others in Puerto Rico which will give you the opportunity to engage yourself in some fun and thrilling activities.

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Culebra: Culebra is one of the most tranquil and serene islands of the Puerto Rico archipelago, home to stunning beaches and it’s elusive giant lizard.

Culebra is nothing like the commercial and bustling Puerto Rico. Over here, you don’t have clubs and casinos and crowded streets. In Culebra, you get to absorb the beauty of nature, and lose yourself in the amazing serenity of the island. Culebra has a fabulous collection of beaches to get a tan on and relax. The Flamenco Beach in particular, is definitely going to rank in the best beaches you’ve ever visited. It’s lined with trees and shrubs and is a hugely popular weekend destination for Puerto Ricans.

Bioluminescent (Mosquito) Bay: Located in Vieques Island, this ‘glow in the dark’ bay is an experience that you will never forget.

The Bioluminescent Bay is among Puerto Rico’s most iconic places. During the day, you’ll probably just cross it without even noticing it as anything special. But come nightfall, the millions of microorganisms that live in the waters emit a blue glow and the entire bay is lit up like one huge light show! It is truly overwhelming and almost unbelievable. As you drift along the water in your boat, the blue glow will be right under you and everywhere around you! Some things to remember are that the microorganisms don’t actually only glow in the light, it’s the darkness which makes it visible, so on bright full moon nights they aren’t as visible. Also, take a kayak rather than a motorboat. The quiet surroundings complement the beauty of the bay and make the entire experience absolutely mesmerizing!

Boat Tours and Water Activities: Undoubtedly the best way to explore the uncapped beauty of the Puerto Rican archipelago and the world under the water.

You cannot say that you have seen all of Puerto Rico if you didn’t take a boat tour. The blue waters, amazing scenery and particular places in the region like the magnificent Bioluminescent Bay are best accessed on a yacht or kayak. When you’re out there in the blissful serenity of these islands is when you’ll truly realize their beauty. Once you’re done seeing what’s above the water, take a dip and go into the underwater world. Scuba and snorkeling activities in these islands is sure to make you marvel at the fascinating world under the water. There are many boat tours and underwater tours from San Juan, Culebra, Fajardo, Vieques and the many other islands that will guide you through the pristine waters and the aquatic life of Puerto Rico. And many more.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

The winter months from December to April are high season in Puerto Rico. The following months on the island are also quite lively, though not quite as hectic. Temperatures during spring are very pleasant, and given that most of the activities in Puerto Rico are outdoors, it makes for a wonderful time. Rates at hotels begin dropping as well. The region is plagued with incessant rains during the months that follow starting July.

How to reach Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s main airport is the biggest airport in the Caribbean. The Luis Muñoz MarĂŤn International Airport (SJU) in Carolina is connected very well by flights from several cities in the US mainland and also some major cities in Europe like London, Madrid and Paris. 

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