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Punjab Police (SI) sings to create anti-Corona awareness

Punjab Police (SI) sings to create anti-Corona awareness
April 11
14:42 2020

Jaswant Singh Gandam/Raman Nehra
India Post News Service

PHAGWARA: Close on the heels of a video showing PAP jawans singing and dancing to create awareness on precautions to be taken to stop the spread of Coronavirus, a Sub-Inspector(SI) of police posted in City police station of Phagwara has come out with a song for carrying on the campaign of anti-Corona awareness.

SI Baljinder Singh, popularly known as Pamma Malhi in artistic circles, has taken to creative measure to combat Coronavirus Pandemic.The song is written by Assistant Sub- Inspector Partap Waris.

SI Baljinder Singh aka Pamma Malhi, who sang a song for creating public awareness about precautions against Coronavirus

SI Baljinder Singh aka Pamma Malhi, who sang a song for creating public awareness about precautions against Coronavirus

Taking to music, Sub-Inspector Baljinder Singh can be seen singing a Punjabi song, the video of which has gone viral on social media, earning praise from the chief minister.In the video, Singh is cautioning the people to protect their elders and children who are vulnerable to the  coronavirus disease.

“Desh mere de vasiyo, ik ral ke muhinm challayiye, Is corona virus utte ethey hi bann laayey (People of the country, we should collectively run a campaign against coronavirus and prevent it from spreading),” sings Singh.

In the next stanza, he asks people to use masks, sanitisers and gloves to keep the deadly COVID-19 at bay,  urges them to do a ”namaste” from a safe distance and avoid going out unnecessarily(Munh nu mask hath dastaney sanitizer varto, Duron khad ke karo namaste jande jan kitey parto, Bina vajah na ghar to apan bhain bharavo jayiye).

 The video of the song shows cops, including City SHO, Inspector Onkar Singh Brar, giving training to children from the slums areas about how to wear masks and also giving sanitisers to the people for use.

The cops, led by Phagwara SP Manwinder Singh and joined by DSP Surinder Chand, were also shown distributing food and other essential items to the needy.

In the song, Singh also urges people to follow all steps recommended by the health authorities to check spread of infection, cautioning that the elderly and children fell easy prey to the virus(Bachey budhey iss virus di pakad ch chheti aundey, Jagah jagah te police waley te doctor ne samjhaundey, Roktham  layi jo jo dasan amal vich liyaiye).

The concluding stanza of the song says, “Paras kehnda is aafat de agge datt ke khadiye, Ichcha shakti de naal apan is virus naal ladiye, Kul duniyan nu aa jao apan jit kea aj vikhayiye” (Paras says that we should fight this virus with will power and show to the world our victory over it”).

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has shared the video of the song on his Twitter handle.”A song on precautions against Coronavirus by SI Baljinder Singh of @PunjabPoliceIndia. A creative way of spreading awareness onĂ‚ COVID-19,” Singh tweeted.

Earlier, a video, which was produced in the lawns of Punjab Armed Police headquarters,Jalandhar, features PAP personnels singing Punjabi bolis for spreading the awareness.ASI Devinder Singh wrote and sang bolis while ASI Parminder Singh and others danced to the bewitching tunes.

One of the bolis went like this- “Baari barsi khatan giya si khat ke liyanda sona, bahan vich khangh sohniya aiven kar na deyin corona.The words underline the need to cough into the elbow to prevent infection.




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