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Raja gets support from Dallas Indian American community

August 09
22:22 2016
Raja Krishnamoorthi at Dallas Fundraiser with Indian American supporters. (L-R) Raja with community leaders Prasad Thotukara, MVL Prasad, CC Theophenie and Sridhar Thumala

Raja Krishnamoorthi at Dallas Fundraiser with Indian American supporters. (L-R) Raja with community leaders Prasad Thotukara, MVL Prasad, CC Theophenie and Sridhar Thumala

DALLAS, TX: Several leaders of the Dallas Indian American community gave a rousing welcome to Raja Krishnamoorthi, who is running for US Congress as a Democratic Party candidate from the 8th Congressional District of Illinois.

The fundraising banquet that was hosted on August 3 at the residence of a prominent Indian American community leader, Dr. Prasad Thotakura, in Colleyville, TX was very successful.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Prasad Thotakura, a community leader, said “that the stage is set for Raja Krishnamoorthi to be one of the best US Congress members because he knows the pain and suffering of the common people. As a matter of fact, Raja has spent most of his childhood living on public assistance and on food stamps. Now, it is very heartening to note that Raja has the distinction of being endorsed by US President Barack Obama besides more than 100 leading Democratic leaders.”

MVL Prasad, one of the Host Committee Members introducing Krishnamoorthi said that Raja emigrated from New Delhi, India to Buffalo, New York with his parents when he was just three months old. He is a fine role model of the Indian American community who gives highest priority to education. Raja earned his bachelor’s degree with summa cum laude in mechanical engineering from Princeton University and graduated with honors from Harvard Law School

Responding, Raja Krishnamoorthi said that he is very proud of his Indian heritage that instilled principles, discipline, morale, ethics, respect, traditions and values in him. Raja stated that there is a lot of opportunity and room for others to serve the country by entering into mainstream US politics.
He noted that Indian American community is doing exceptionally well in areas like education, entrepreneurship, medicine, technology, engineering, spirituality but is lacking participation in political arena.

Raja stated that while there are more than 3 million Indian Americans in the USA, now there is only Indian American serving as US Congress member and he will increase that to 100% when he gets elected as US Congress member this year. Raja sincerely thanked for all contributors in general and the host team Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Paul Pandian, Sridhar Tummala, MVL Prasad and CC Theophine for organizing a successful fundraiser in Dallas to support him.

CC Theophine, one of the Host Committee members said Raja was able to raise a whopping $1.6 million more than his opponents and is considered to be a sure shot winner. He urged all US citizens to register to vote so that they should be able to vote in the upcoming elections. He requested the gathering to call their Chicago friends to support and vote for Raja.

The Dallas Indian American Community members who attended and supported Raja for Congress included Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Sridhar Tummala, MVL Prasad, CC Theophine, Paul Pandian, Sai Sathish & Dr. Prasanthi Ganesa, Swarupa Thotakura, Krithika Ganesa, Murali Vennam, Amrit Kriplani, Mahesh Guduru, Ramki Chebrolu, Fatima & Taiyab Kundawala, Tanvir & Benazir Arfi, Abid Abedi, Vijaya & Laxman Vuppala, Dr. Sat Gupta, Mahesh Setty, Dr. C.R. Rao, Srikanth Polavarapu, Parimala, Dinesh, Sindhu, Chennakesavulu Mokkapati, Shiju Abraham, Raghavendra Kulkarni, Arvind Muppidi, Mohan Chandran, Muruganathan Palanisamy, Srinivas Kasu, Dr. Dhruv Balkondi, and Dr. Yogi Chimata.

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