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Reality – So simple anyone can ‘get’ it!

Reality – So simple anyone can ‘get’ it!
April 02
16:39 2019

Colin Drake

Consciousness saturates the universe(s), from electrons (which change their behavior when aware of being observed) to elephants and beyond … This Consciousness exists in two ‘modes’ at rest as Awareness and in motion as Cosmic Energy of which all matter is constituted, for Einstein showed that matter is energy. Now all motion commences in, and from, stillness; it exists in a substratum of stillness and can be seen relative to that stillness; and finally returns to stillness when it runs out of energy. So Awareness is That in which all matter arises, abides and subsides, for it is the universal stillness as it is still and permeates all space.

All things are fleeting expressions of This and have no existence outside of This, so This is their ‘essence’. The string theory posits that all matter is composed of many ‘strings’ of energy vibrating at different frequencies and these will all return to stillness when their energy is expended. Living beings are also just ephemeral expressions of This which have the added capacity of being able to ‘sense’ their environment. All of these ‘sensations’ appear in Awareness, or they would not be aware of them, and thus they are also instruments (or conduits) through which Consciousness can ‘sense’ Its own manifestation.

So we are all fleeting expressions and instruments of This and never separate from This. As with all ‘things’ we arise in This, exist in This and return to This; so there is (and can be) no separate self. Once this fact is seen all self-grasping ceases and we cease to see the world through the dark filter of self-image, self-interest, self-concern, self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, self-loathing, self-hate … the list is endless.

When this occurs we see the world ‘as it is’ and it is much more vivid, alive and friendly when seen like this; for we realize that we are never separate from it and of the same essence (Consciousness) as it. This is especially true of how we view ‘other’ people for now we see that they are also fleeting expressions and instruments of This, and as such there is no essential difference between us. The outcome of this is true compassion which is much more potent than any version of this which is created as a virtue before this Awakening (to the nature of Reality) has taken place.

This awakening removes all existential angst for now we see our true essence and realize that we can never be separate from This and will merge back into This when the body dies, although some spiritual paths say we continue to be reincarnated until we awaken to our unity with Consciousness and realize that there is no separate self.

It also removes all mental suffering caused by viewing ourselves as separate and obsessing on self-image, self-interest, self-concern etc. Which improves our interaction with those around us as we no longer see them through this filter, or as the erroneous image we have created of them as separate selves. In this all greed and exploitation of ‘others’ cease for we see that they are of the same ‘essence’ as ourselves.

Seeing that one is not a ‘separate self’ and identifying as a fleeting expression and instrument of Consciousness changes one’s world-view, and therefore ones interactions in the world, dramatically for the better!

Colin Drake is a spirituality teacher based in Australia. For poems, articles, photos, autobiography and book information visit
All books available in paperback, .pdf and epub from   also in Kindle format from Amazon.



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