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Romy Johnson Brings A Change: Makes IELTS Preparation Easier

Romy Johnson Brings A Change: Makes IELTS Preparation Easier
January 13
14:05 2020

Acquiring your education overseas is becoming a popular option among students in our country. However, though popular, it is widely misunderstood. Proper knowledge is important for you to complete your education elsewhere. Most of you are aware of the importance of the English language and your proficiency in it before you apply to countries abroad. The IELTS is a standardized test that checks your English language skills, both speaking as well as writing.

TechBiz, Romy Johnson, BritishAcademy, IELTS, CoolGurus, Distance learning,  British India Academy, Kochi, Romyjohnson.comA 21- year old student from Canada, Romy Johnson, realized the importance of English and made some efforts to help students. This young businessman started his own International test preparation centre, a Kerala based academy named the British India Academy, Kochi.

This venture of his earned him over 3.5 crore rupees in the short span of a year! He believes in fostering knowledge in people regarding international tests. This has made it easier for students to apply to countries abroad and get the education they wish to. His company is now venturing out into Canada. “Cool Gurus” is a fairly recent venture Romy Johnson is working towards. This endeavour will be based on e-learning principles and will incorporate newer methods of learning the English Language. 

A little peek into what Cool Gurus is

The English Language is not the first language for many students across the globe. So, when Romy Johnson started this company, he delved into the $63 Billion English instruction industry. However, you might wonder what made him this successful. It was merely the unique approach he had concerning teaching. 

Cool Gurus believes in creating exclusive study plans for students that make it easier for them to understand and prepare for their tests well. One of the essential techniques that Romy Johnson incorporated in his venture was making use of cloud-based learning. Cool Gurus is an e-learning service based in Canada. Here, students will avail of English learning courses tailored just for them online. This mobile learning service is essential as it helps students exponentially and saves time. 

Some of the other highlights of this course are:

  • Personalized learning

One of the most important things when it comes to e-learning is the attention students get individually. Even in classrooms, it is difficult to provide each student with personal attention. However, Romy Johnson and the Cool Gurus Team seem to be working hard to make this a possibility. The website claims to offer video lessons and live on-demand tutoring service. This way, even from a distance, students will be able to get all the attention they require from professionals. 

  • Distance learning

Cool Gurus is an e-learning website. And so, this platform must be equipped with all the data to teach students across the globe. The sole aim of this network is to hone the English language skills of students from countries where English is not their first language. Romy Johnson has made sure that all learning courses are comfortable for students studying over long distances. 

  • IELTS Prep

This standardized test is one of the most important exams one needs to qualify to study in institutes overseas. The learning guides and programs Cool Gurus offers are designed for students from non-English native countries. Students speaking Indian, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, or Brazilian can take advantage of the courses taught here.

  • Taught by professionals 

This course is designed to the hilt. The lesson plans are designed uniquely to a student’s needs. All academic aspects are taken care of by professionals who have ample experience. The platform also offers live learning where students can speak to professional teachers or professors to clear their doubts. IELTS training can help students reach great heights, and it is important that this training is imparted by skilled individuals.

  • Guidance is provided

Cool Gurus, as a company, believe in guiding students through their educational journeys. This means professional guidance and assistance is given to students concerning language courses online. This helps them monumentally and indirectly paves their path to success.

All these aspects make Cool Gurus one of the best choices for IELTS preparation through e-learning. Students in distant parts of the world will be able to make use of their services. And gain proficiency in the English language with great ease.

Why is guidance important when it comes to studying for international tests?

In India and most other non-English native countries, proper guidance is essential. Students focus on the indigenous test and faring well in them. However, these additional international tests somehow take a backseat during preparation. To avoid this and to maintain a healthy balance, students must be given enough guidance and support.

Cool Gurus provides e-learning services to many countries around the world. They also believe in charging fair amounts to students abroad. This way, it is easier for students to learn more without paying too much intuition or spending too much time. The guidance provided by Cool Gurus is highly professional and is given by experts.

The students are guided towards courses that the experts believe will be good for them. This individual attention also fares well for the company, along with the students associated with them.

The IELTS is an important exam that all aspirants need to ace. Faltering in this exam can affect students and their future greatly. So, the help provided by the professionals at Cool Gurus is not only academic but also psychological. 

How did Romy Johnson pull this off?

Apart from the British India Academy in Kochi, Romy Johnson has also ventured out into the Canadian education industry. With Cool Gurus, he has now tried to reach into the multibillion-dollar English instructional industry. 

It all began with a 21-year old Romy Johnson from Canada. He believes in providing good, English education to students in countries. He started working on his first project, the British India Academy, this was a Kerala based academy. This was established by his late father and later passed down to him.

It mainly focuses on students becoming proficient in the English Language. This company had a turnover of over 3.5 crores in a single year. This is bound to boost up the confidence levels in anyone. Therefore, Romy Johnson came up with the idea of Cool Gurus. This e-learning platform will make sure quality information and guidance is given to all students who enroll. These students can be from any part of the world. The students will not be charged the extravagant amount of money to avail of such services. This way, the services provided by Cool Gurus become more inclusive.

At this point, Cool Gurus is only focusing on becoming one of the most widely used services in the world. They do not believe in earning money only. The growth of the company is what matters. There are almost 10,000 active users on the site at the moment. However, these numbers on charts and sheets do not mean anything. The company claims to have helped around 25 students academically. This shows how passionate Romy Johnson and his team of Cool Gurus are about education.

As mentioned earlier, students of non-English native countries need to acquire all needed guidance before applying to countries abroad. The finances of this venture are fairly simple. This project will be self-financed in away. As in the case of the British India Academy, funding was done with the help of a loan. However, now, the funding for Cool Gurus will be done by Romy Johnson himself in collaboration with the British Indian Academy. This company is worth 55 crore rupees due to this, the financial blow for the venture will be reduced significantly. 

The inspiration behind the project 

All great ideas need a spark that ignites the fire. The spark that set ablaze Romy Johnsons fire was the legacy that was passed down to him. The British India Academy is an Indian start-up based in Kerala. This was created by Romy Johnson’s father later, Mr. Johnson P. Joseph. He headed this academy and hoped that he would provide essential knowledge to all students. The academy thrived on teaching students from all backgrounds and strata. For years, this academy performed its duties of imparting knowledge and helping students thrive. However, Romy Johnson is now taking his father’s legacy to new heights. 

With Cool Gurus, the face of e-learning will be redefined. Online learning courses that will be offered at this platform will be unmatched. This is because of the highly professional and expert Cool Gurus team. They work hard and make sure that only quality information is provided to students. Apart from education, the team focuses on the overall experience of using this platform. So, anyone who wishes to use Cool gurus will experience professionalism on a new level. 

Irrespective of the services provided, at the end of the day, the quality of education is what matters. Being a student himself, you can expect nothing less than perfection from Romy Johnson himself. Innovative techniques to simplify education are the way to go, and this is just what Cool Gurus aim at doing with their distance learning programs.



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