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Sai Baba play moves audience to tears

August 26
02:50 2011

Vedic Dharam Samaj popularly known as Fremont Hindu Temple is one of the best temples in Bay area where the Hindu community practice their religion usually. The Fremont Hindu Temple has been serving members of the Hindu faith from the Bay area, CA, since 1984. Since its beginning the temple management was very keen to provide excellent services to its visitors and devotees and that is why they celebrate all the festivals and events with full bang and masti. The chart of number of events and celebrations is soaring day by day under the able leadership of Dr Romesh Japra as Chairman and Rajesh Verma as Co-chairman of the temple.

Event chair, Deepak Chhabra, Education Chair, Dharminder Dewan, are directly related to the increment in the number of events at the temple. In the same growing chain of events and to lure the visiting devotees of the temple the idea of inviting Mukul Nag, the famed artist who played the lead role in Ramanand Sagar’s tele show “Sai Baba” and staging a play during his visit, was introduced by me in the Board Meeting of the temple. It was approved right away by Rajesh Verma and the attendees and the green signal was given to it. Rest is the history.

In 27 years of history of the temple, first ever a play was staged in the parking lot with the name of “Sai Baba Laghu Natika” of 45 minutes. And it was a grand success. Everybody liked it. The management got the tremendous feedback on the play and I was asked to arrange more such activities in the future. All the artists were being greeted by the audience, I too got lot of acclamation for writing, composing and directing it especially for doing the voice over.
“Sai Baba Laghu Natika” tells the story of the great Saint of Shirdi Sai Baba in just 45 minutes. The main episodes of Baba are taken into it based on his miracles and teachings. The main attraction was the Diwali scene in which Baba lights up all the lamps with water instead of oil giving Vidya the gift of Diwali. The scenes of curing the blind, and the handicap were also very touching and there was a clap when Baba did the healing with his divine magic. The play begins with the fog on the stage and with the commentary of Time (Samay) and it ends with the time’s narration. Actually Time narrates the story in this play and all the artists play their part on the light and sound in the background. The play went so smooth that there was no other sound except the dialogues or the clapping from the audience.
The end of this small play was linked with the entry of Mukul Nag the guest artist of that eve. All of sudden the Dhol started roaring followed by the Mukul Nag as Sai Baba towards the stage and people started crying merely on seeing him in the get up of Saint Sai Baba. Everybody was eager to see him, to touch him. Lots of people started rushing to the stage. Some were even able to reach on the stage. They were requested to sit back in their places as his performance was yet to be started. After the efforts of the volunteers the people started taking their seats and Mukul Nag started his nonstop preaching of Baba. Mainly he spoke on communal harmony and on the teachings of Saint Sai Baba. There was a great difference in Mukul Nag original and Mukul Nag in the get up of Sai Baba. People were talking that he has some divine light on him when he performs as Sai Baba.
It was a wonderful experience for the people of Fremont, an unforgettable moment.
The artists of this play were all Sai Baba devotees and they did all the rehearsals with full devotion and passion. Here is the total casting of the play:
Baija Ma – Manorama Joshi Butti – Rakesh Kapoor
Lakshmi – Swapnil Anand Sai Baba – Govind Pasumarthi
Tatya – Bala Ganesaratnam Mahalsapati – Rao Pasumarthi
Shayama – Sunil Sehgal Das Ganu – Dev Roy
Nartaki – Aparna Pasumarthi Vidya (adult) -Tina Kapoor
Vidya (kid) – Dakshita Hemad Panth – Sunny Pasumarthi
Abdul – Shankar Radhakrishnan Bhakt/Miracles – Bala, Mouli

Shirdi Gram Vasi – Veena Birla, Booni Bala, Payal Sehgal, Lal Singh Bhatti , Baljeet, Kala Bahen, Leela Mathur

Deepavali Kids – Priya, Sriansh, Mullika, Niel & Sean

Backstage help: Neelu Kapoor, Sunita, Pooja, Anitha
Casting Director & Coordinator: Govind Pasumarthi
Director & Voice of Samay: Rakesh Kapoor

Rakesh Kapoor



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