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Survey on Asian Indian Nurses by NAINA

Survey on Asian Indian Nurses by NAINA
May 21
13:55 2020

Anil Mattathikunnel

CHICAGO: The National Association of Indian Nurses of America – NAINA, has embarked on a historic mission to get the complete demographic data of nurses of Indian origin in USA.

Survey on Asian Indian Nurses by NAINACurrently, the Indian Nurses are grouped in the Asian nursing population in the USA have lost their own identity in the official nursing databases and numbers. The primary reason for this was due to the lack of any official demographics ever collected and presented to any government entity. For this reason, NAINA has taken the bold initiative to collect the data nationally.

Indian nurses have been providing exceptional patient care for more than five decades in the United States. We occasionally hear success stories of individual nurses. However, we have not been able to value the accomplishments of Indian nurses as a group. Up until now there are no reliable sources of data on the total number of Asian Indian nurses or any demographics on this group of nurses. As a result, our contribution to US healthcare especially in the context of a healthcare crisis such as the current pandemic goes unnoticed.

In an effort to systematically obtain demographic information on all nurses of Indian heritage and culture, the National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA) a professional national organization for Asian Indian nurses in the United States, is preparing to conduct a survey of all licensed Indian nurses (working and retired) living in the United States.

The purpose of this survey is to gather general information about Indian nurses in the US. The survey is not intended to solicit membership in NAINA and participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. The responses to the survey questions will be confidential and will not be linked personally to any participant.

The Indian community has been highly supportive of the nurses and we believe everyone will help to make this campaign a success by disseminating the information about the survey and motivating practicing and retired LPNs, RNs, and APRNs to join this campaign and get counted.

The survey is open now. This brief survey can be completed in less than five minutes and can be accessed at: Alternately, you can take the survey at or by calling toll free at 1-888-61-NAINA


 For additional information, please contact us at 1-888-61-NAINA or email at [email protected]



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