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Tailored to Your Needs: Answer These 10 Questions and You’ll Find the Perfect Health Insurance Plan in India

Tailored to Your Needs: Answer These 10 Questions and You’ll Find the  Perfect Health Insurance Plan in India
June 30
11:24 2020

Health insurance is a difference-maker for individuals or full households that need coverage. With the best health insurance company in India, the policies help individuals and families that have to deal with the cost of treatment. Instead of being on the hook for a large expense during hospitalization, health insurance keeps both your body and bank account healthy. When searching for a new policy, there are a few things to ask yourself.

10. How Much Can You Afford?

Never put yourself in a position where you’re paying more than you can afford. Health insurance plans should come out of your finances naturally, and without crippling your ability to spend.

9. Is It The Correct Coverage?

Look at your personal health history, then look at your family’s health history. The information there will give you a general idea of which coverage is better for you.

8. Individual Or Family Plans?

Sometimes households mix different health insurance plans when they’re in the same family. Whether it is cost related or you’re looking for a certain doctor, choose wisely between individual or family plans.

7. Should You Compare Quotes?

You should always compare quotes, but you should also ask the company to ‘lock-in’ a quote. This is a reasonable expectation when shopping around for a deal that you don’t want to lose.

6. Are Your In-Network Preferences?

The insurance plan you choose has restrictions on which hospitals and doctors they’re willing to cover. If you have your own preferences, it is a good idea to check their current hospital network and whether they cover the top hospitals in your city.

5. What Is Your Claim Settlement Ratio?

A high claim settlement ratio is always a good sign for a health insurance company. Pay attention to the number of claims paid since it directly relates to the level of assurance,they provide their customers.

4. How Much Does The Plan Cover For Medicine?

Prescriptions eat away at your funds, even if your condition isn’t chronic. Insurance companies that allow generic alternatives for brand name prescriptions are great options when you want to save money.

3. Can You Change The Plan At A Later Date?

Life changes are expected, whether it is marriage or a death in the family. The flexibility of an insurance policy should always be prioritized when looking at new plans.

2. Are There Discounts?

Even if the company doesn’t mention discounts, you should always ask if any are available. A shocking amount of great deals are left unknown when negotiating a new insurance policy. There is no harm in asking, and the worst they can say is no.

1. What Are The Inclusions And Exclusions?

Even if you have the best health insurance plan in India, the inclusions and exclusions can still be buried deep within fine print. Go over all of the finer details of the contract before signing it to unearth all of the pros and cons.

Wrap Up

Pay close attention to a company’s reputation when making a final decision. Your choice for health insurance will have an impact that lasts for years. Make the right decision, and you can rest easy in knowing that you’re well taken care of.



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