Technology to play big role in US-India ties

Amitabh Kant

Amitabh Kant

WASHINGTON: US-India business corridor is “uniquely” poised to build the digital future of the global economy, corporate leaders from the two countries said at the summit of the business advocacy group USIBC.

Participants of the first-ever West Coast Summit of US India Business Council (USIBC) said that technology is poised to play a major role in US-India bilateral ties.

Held in the Silicon Valley, the summit, US-India Technology Partnership: Using Scale and Speed to Bridge the Divide, examined how the US-India business corridor is uniquely poised to build the digital future of the global economy, a USIBC statement said.

Amitabh Kant, the CEO of the National Institution of Transforming India (NITI) Aayog, proposed ways in which the Indian Government and industry can coordinate efforts to ensure the success of programs such as Digital India, Startup India, Skill India, Financial Inclusion and Make in India.

“With the Prime Ministers (Narendra Modi) extraordinary vision and leadership, India stands out as a force for change,” said John Chambers, Chairman of USIBC.

“There is a reason why Cisco is investing USD 100 million in India the next few years; it is representative of what we think is an opportunity to build the next generation of innovative solutions, talent, and products for the digital economy,” he said.

Kant said India’s future would lie in how successfully the country is able to provide universal access for all citizens as well as improve the quality of education across all levels.

He also highlighted that dismantling a heavy bureaucracy, fostering healthy and competitive environment continue to be the mandate for the government.

Kant was awarded the USIBC Transformative Leadership Award – an honor that has been instituted by the Council to acknowledge excellence in public service and recognize the honorees achievement in championing US-India ties in the areas of trade, politics and culture. -PTI