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The different types of themed mobile casino games

The different types of themed mobile casino games
October 21
11:20 2020

People often engage in gambling when they are looking for productive ways to enjoy their leisure time. While the usual approach is to take a break from work and visit Vegas to go all out for the day, it isn’t realistically possible for everyone. While some people might have the money to do so, they don’t have time to spare. And while some have the time, they can’t afford the trip. However, thanks to technological advancements and the internet, your favourite casino games are now available at your fingertips. You can download casinos on your mobile phone and play games at a trusted online platform.

However, people have outgrown these games and need something new to exercise their mind. This is also why developers have designed various themes for casino games. For example, a superhero-based slot that has Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor and even X-Men characters in its mix.

Online casinos use theme songs of different superhero movies to add more effect to the gaming experience. They even add some unique dialogues that the characters say when you make a specific move.

While quite a lot of people love the original version of their favourite casino games, the demand for these enhanced versions is no less. The improved artwork and adjustments appeal to quite a wide range of players and keep them intrigued as well.

Some of the best online casino-themed games have been listed below:

Sea themed casino games

These games allow you to enjoy your favourite games with an extra touch of aquatic life. You will see spectacular animations and experience amazing oceanic sceneries as well. Such additions make the game more enjoyable as well as relaxing.

Kings and kingdoms based casino games

Some online casinos have added a medieval touch to their games with the idea of introducing you to the world of kings and kingdoms. The castles and cavalry in the games do not fail to boost the experience and are guaranteed to bring life to any casino game. Such games are available in both downloadable and non-downloadable formats.

Similar themes might include Egyptians and pyramids with the spectacular addition of mummies on higher levels as well. The ability to explore the game and enjoy the perks of the different themes is what attracts the players and pushes them to keep playing at online casinos.

Superhero bingo

Casino bingo is a game where large groups of people sit down with the sole goal of hitting Bingo. However, to make things a little more flashy and attractive, some of the favourite superheroes are added to the game. This now becomes superhero bingo.

Now, instead of numbers, you are expected to connect your favourite characters and get Bingo before anyone else. The game comes with some additional perks to keep you engaged for longer stretches of time.

Digital shot roulette

Even though it isn’t entirely a mobile game, shot roulette is a guaranteed party booster. While this is a game only for adults, it brings more life to the game and adds a bit of adventure. The game is as simple as it sounds. Each number has a shot associated with it. Once the game starts, the number that the ball stops on will direct you to the shot you need to drink. The shots placed on the table might not be delicious all the time and could include chilli and vinegar shots as well!

Increase your odds of winning – play video poker

It is well-known to gamblers that the house always has an advantage in casino games. However, video poker does not follow this rule and, therefore, with the right strategies and skills, you can beat a video poker machine. A few tips to increase your odds of winning have been listed below:

  • Play on machines that offer the best payables
  • Play the maximum amount of coins to get the top payouts
  • Don’t get too excited if you win or get disheartened if you lose. Just slow down and play at a more calming pace
  • Prefer to play on progressive video poker machines and go for the jackpot
  • Check the machines with the best bonuses and find the one that suits you the best


While all those who gamble regularly inarguably love the original versions of casino games, the varied versions give you the opportunity to refresh your mind a little and break the monotony. Even if you are fond of a specific casino game, you can look for a different version just to enjoy the thrill of playing something different!



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