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The dis-ease of trying is eased in Silence

The dis-ease of trying is eased in Silence
November 02
15:32 2018

Alfred Julius Emmanuel Sorensen

Sunyata (Alfred Emmanuel Sorensen)
In Silence, we close our outward eyes and our clever minds to perceptions. Then in ourselves awakens Memory: The power of steady vision and clear Remembrance of what we Are, of the birthright of all, which few consider and turn to use. Then we need a guide no longer, for we live at ease, at Home as artists in Life.
The dis-ease of assertion, of trying and of “Heimve” is healed, is eased, in Silence. A thousand years B.C. the Sage of Egypt knew; “O Thou sweet well for him that thirsteth in the desert! It is closed to him that speaketh but open to him who is Silent. When who is silent cometh, lo! he findeth the well.”
And the ancients of Tibet knew: “The mind is the slayer of the Real, let the disciple slay the slayer. Kill in thyself all memories of past experiences. Look not behind, or thou art lost.”
Yet why slay or kill? The real cannot be slain only obscured, and we need not kill the poor memories. Let them die simply and naturally. They do fade and cease to be bondage, when they are seen as they are, as illusions and toys. Look not behind longingly, gleefully or attachedly or we are lost.

Consciousness is held in bonds by love of things and so it cannot proceed and clarify into awareness, in which there are no longings, no yearnings and no trying. No more do “we look before and after and grieve for what is not.” Past and future merge into the At-Homeness of the Eternal Now. All our striving, all Yoga practices and all becoming and begoing seem to be conscious or unconscious attempts to clarify the mirror of the soul, to be sine-cere so as to reflect purely and thus to transcend the dis-ease of ego-consciousness into the harmonious ease of simple living Awareness.
In Memory is the essence of all memories, and is it not the only real progress, the only true becoming in our Being – being more aware of our Memory, of our Self?
We are Sunshine, and throughout Siva´s transmuting dance in the cosmic “Leela” Memory lingers in each form: and in the fullness of time is Eternity´s Sunrise. Time and ego dissolve into Awareness. “Death is before me today as a man longs to see his house, when he has spent many years in exile and in captivity.” But if we can manage to die the mystic death into Life, here and now, our longing also ceases. We neither yearn nor fear to die out of our bodies, but are divinely carefree, or, as egos would say, indifferent.

We are not born in “sin” or by mistake, but that humans, as individuals, also have the fatal tendency to fall into ego-consciousness in their early childhood. Only some idiots and a few pure fools escape lightly that infantile disease, and unlike from measles, most of us suffer from it in acute or chronic form until the release of death. So very few seem to outgrow it and to fall out of the illusion of this fatal division of He and Thee, and to forget the illusory strutting business. Except in lucid moments, in Living Silence or in rare maturity, our ego consciousness remains as a feverish delirium of wings, rarely do we unfold and use them.

Excerpted from ‘The Nectar of Sunyata’. Sunyata was a Danish mystic, horticulturalist and writer who lived in Europe, India and US. His 128th birth anniversary was observed on October 27



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