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The Role of Cable Management in Data Centres

The Role of Cable Management in Data Centres
December 01
10:06 2021

The maintenance of electrical devices and their management today is a practice that is part of running complex equipment on a daily basis. Since many industries today rely on multiple machines and electrical devices within their operations, the need for these devices to work seamlessly is a priority. 

These devices and their extent of operations may vary from a personal to an industrial scale; however, the need to maintain their working capacities and minimize hazards is a non-negotiable aspect for both. Cable management is one of the ways in which these requirements are fulfilled. 

Data centres and networks are spaces that are often replete with complex processing systems and electrical machinery. Within these spaces, it is vital to maintain safe working conditions and reduce the chances of system failure with neat cable management. 

In spaces like data centres, achieving efficient results are not limited to having the best equipment but extends into having a clean and safe work environment. Let us take a closer look into the role of cable management in data centres and why they are important.

What is Cable Management?

Data centres, server rooms and network devices are often interconnected with an elaborate setup with several wired connections that run along with the system. Since these rooms and centres have multiple such setups and devices in an enclosed space, installers and electrical engineers often organize these connections and cables into cabinets and drawers. This process of organizing cables and electrical devices into drawers and racks to ease maintenance and identification is called cable management. 

Cable management in server rooms and data centres plays an important role in keeping the equipment safe, organized and easily accessible for repairs and upgrades. It allows the space to remain free from any possible tangles, sparks, or damage from the electrical flow across multiple devices simultaneously. 

What is the Role of Cable Management in Data Centres?

Cables and wired connections running along with various devices within a data centre require adequate cable management for various reasons. Let us look at the following:

  • Safety: Overhanging cables and tangled wires in a data centre is a safety hazard as those around these devices may trip on these wires in the process of trying to set up devices or reconfigure them. Therefore, cable management is essential to protect the data centre and its instruments from damage caused by overheated and tangled wires. Installers often use products such as floor cord covers, cable loom tubing and wire guides to organize these cables into floors, cabinets, and desks. 
  • Cleanliness and Efficiency: The most beneficial aspect of cable management is the neat and organized outlook of the devices in a data centre. Wires are organized by the help of hooks and tubes and labelled according to the hardware they are connected to. This keeps the cables from crossing with one another and makes the process of upgrades and maintenance more efficient. Labelled cables enable visual identification at the time of any system failure and save time. 
  • Good Airflow: The complex machines and devices in a data centre require ample space for airflow between its able components. Cable management keeps ‘air damming’ at bay, which can often happen in spaces of tangled and twisted cables in an enclosed space, thus minimizing project damage and chances of overheating. 
  • Product Maintenance and Adaptability: Repetitive tension or tugging on wires and cables connecting a device can cause it to wear out sooner than its projected product life. Good cable management also allows easier network infrastructure and helps installers determine any future reconfiguration for the data centre cables if required.

Now the importance of cable management has been established, one must also note that in order to achieve a clean and safe data centre, the products used should also be sourced from the most reputed electrical providers on the market. This ensures product longevity and helps in maintaining a tidy and adaptable workspace.



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