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The Skyrocketing Future of Digital Gaming in India

The Skyrocketing Future of Digital Gaming in India
August 31
09:25 2020

Among the fascinating facts of India, one is that Indians easily welcome new concepts and this uniqueness makes this great nation an optimal spot for investment with guaranteed ROI. The concept of digital gaming in India was introduced decades ago.

People were intrigued and excited to see something new that was something ‘WOW’ during those times. The change was embraced compassionately that it evolved speedily. Although the times cannot be compared when the digital games were first introduced and when their new versions were rolled out, one common trait of excitement remains constant.

People of all age groups, regardless of gender, are glued to digital gaming. Whether it is the Play Station, PC, X-Box, or mobile, we all love to play games. Some popular games like Super Mario, Tekken, WWE, Contra, Call of Duty, PUB-G, etc., have been immortalized in the world. Nostalgic indeed. But, have you ever pondered on the turnover and the future of digital gaming in India? Here’s something brewed fresh from ground zero.

The Big Fish

Digital gaming has traveled far from not-so-rich to multi-million dollar industry worldwide. If talking specifically about India, it contributes merely 1.5% of the global gaming family but, has a tremendous potential to weave whopping business of billions of dollars! The reason behind the success is the youth population that admires digital gaming.

Also, the increasing number of smartphone users is a major benefit for all digital game creator tycoons. As per a survey report before the COVID-19 outbreak, nearly 3 million gaming apps are being downloaded in India daily! Though the results might be manipulated positively or negatively, there’s still a lot of revenue generated by game developers.

Not only new but evergreen games such as euro jackpots or lotto are unable to satisfy users with real digital money. Many online platforms where you can buy lottery coupons and play digital casinos have emerged. It has become a major breakthrough with the Indian audience providing them with an overwhelming response.

The New Era of Gaming

As the market continues to evolve, we cannot forget mentioning the OG of gaming- Virtual Reality. Since day one of the introduction of the virtual reality in the gaming industry, the tables turned and competition increased. In countries like The USA, Japan, and more, virtual reality became immensely popular.

Cloud Gaming also turns heads. With this concept, connecting with anonymous users, with fast internet becomes easy. It is a self-explanatory experience. PUB-G, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, etc, are prime examples.

Final Words

Digital gaming in India surely has a shimmering future of billions of dollars. With a youth population, it is an opportunity for the gaming companies to invest in the Indian markets and spin a profit. Considering the current situation of gaming in India, the future is quite predictable and promising for all gaming industries that invest in the country. Lastly, the company’s call to strategize everything smoothly to get a positive response.  



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